Even Merkel is singing from the Leftist hymnal

Say, did you know that if Angela Merkel loses in Germany’s election it will be Russia’s fault?

I can name that tune in one note, Jim!

Yup. Even Merkel is singing from the Leftist hymnal.

I knew the American Left coordinated their moronic talking points. But I have to admit, I didn’t expect Leftists across the pond to join in on the chorus.

Leftist marching orders have gone Global, my friends!

Clearly they’re feeling a wee bit threatened.

Michael Grosse-Broemer – a leader in Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party (which is neither Christian nor particularly Democratic) told reporters in Berlin, “A defeat of Angela Merkel would be quite a success for Putin.”

Really? It would be quite a success for the German people too.

He also warned the German government to be on guard against any attempts by Russia to manipulate the election.

A little preemptive Russia-Blaming going on over in Deutschland, ja?

These Leftists simply refuse to admit that it isn’t Russia who wants them out of power but their own people.

Merkel unleashed unholy hell on the German people, yet Putin is the one angling to get rid of her?!

Sweet merciful Zeus.

It’s like a pandemic of brain-dead Leftist denial is sweeping the planet.

Let me guess. Brexit was Putin’s doing too, right?

You know, for a crop of people who believe they are “citizens of the world,” they certainly do live in a teeny, tiny bubble.

Hat tip Bloomberg.

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