Everyone loves a winner

You know what draws “folks” to ISIS? To terrorism in general?

Is it lack of a job?


Is it the US refusing to accept refugees?

Not even a little.

Is it people using the term “radical Islamic terror?”


So what draws “folks” to ISIS?

Well, for one thing, the fact that ISIS is making the single greatest superpower on the planet look like a bunch of losers.

Yup. No doubt about it. Winning is the best recruiting tool in the history of the universe.

People always want to join the winning team.

And people always cheer the winning team.

In fact, people are drawn to winning like Bill Clinton is drawn to buxom blonds named Kandi.

Young people aren’t drawn to ISIS because they lack jobs. They’re drawn to ISIS because ISIS is looking like a winner.

Everyone loves a winner.

The key to defeating ISIS is easy if you understand human nature. Which may be why Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the assorted morons that support them don’t have any earthly idea how to defeat ISIS.

Leftists do not comprehend human nature.

Or nature in general for that matter. After all, they still believe that human beings have power over the weather.

You know what would be the single biggest threat to ISIS recruitment?

And, no, Barack, the answer isn’t a climate conference in Paris.

And, before you mention it, Hillary, inviting every supposed “refugee” into the United States is also the wrong answer.

Neither of those idiotic “strategies” will make ISIS throw down their arms and take up gardening.

If we really want to put a stop to recruitment for ISIS, all we’d need to do is make them the losers in this fight.

ISIS is growing in number because everyone loves a winner.

Anybody with any understanding of human nature knows the minute ISIS begins to lose, their fair-weather jihadists who are leaving their home countries to join them would suddenly find something better to do.

If you want to know the truth. The President of the United States twisting himself into pretzels to deny the existence of radical Islamic terrorism, closing Gitmo and releasing all the prisoners, not to mention bending over backwards to accommodate “refugees” probably do more to embolden ISIS and other terrorist organizations than anything the Republican party candidates may be saying. Because every last action he takes is appeasing the enemy.

Appeasement isn’t a winning strategy. Appeasement is something losers do.

And nobody likes a loser.

But everyone loves a winner.

If we really want to alienate ISIS and marginalize them, the best way possible is to beat the living shit out of them on the battlefield while at the same time making it immeasurably difficult for them to operate on our soil — by restricting refugees and stepping up investigations and surveillance here at home. By meeting every possible threat head-on, and beating these bastards back. By wiping them off the face of the earth.

In other words. Acting like a winner.

Because nobody likes a loser.

Which may explain why Obama’s favorability numbers just keep plummeting.

Everyone loves a winner

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