Evidence-free media suddenly demands evidence

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It was the REEEEEEEE heard ‘round the world when Attorney General Barr acknowledged that President Trump was right: his campaign was spied on.

Suddenly the same news media that repeatedly invites Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Maxine Waters on their programs to make scurrilous, evidence-free claims about President Trump were shrieking that Barr made this claim “without evidence.”

The same media that slobbered all over BuzzFeed’s evidence-free report of Trump telling Cohen to lie to Congress are beside themselves with anger that Barr offered no evidence supporting his claim.

But this is how the media rolls.

Whenever someone says something that goes against the approved narrative, they quiver with outrage and bellow “Without evidence!!!!”

I’ve written about it a lot – including HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

The problem for the media is there’s far more evidence that the Obama Justice Department and Intelligence apparatus spied on the Trump campaign than there is for RussiaGate.

Hell, there’s more evidence backing up SpyGate than there is man-made Climate Change.

For Pete’s sake, even the media’s favorite Honorable ManTM admitted last year the FBI placed “confidential human sources” in the Trump campaign.

And, just to prove the ResistanceLOL not only knew about the spying, but wholeheartedly approved, even Trump Troll Brian Krassenstein acknowledged it when he replied to Comey’s tweet:

The Washington Post even did a piece on Stefan Halper titled “Who is Stefan A. Halper, the FBI Source Who Assisted the Russia Investigation.”

Resident RussiaGate lunatic and former FBI agent, Asha Rangappa last year wrote a piece at the WaPo titled “The FBI didn’t use an informant to go after Trump. They used one to protect him.” 

So what Asha was saying is, “Sure, we spied on Trump.  But it was for his own good. Which is why we kept it a complete secret from him.”

And why was the media scrambling to justify this last year?

Because EVIDENCE came out showing that, yes, they placed an informant in the Trump campaign to … wait for it … spy on them.

As Scott Adams pointed out last year:

But when AG Barr points out what is factually evident even to the media, those same media outlets set their hair on fire and shriek, “Without Evidence!!!!”

Now, nobody believes SpyGate is evidence-free — not even the Reeeeeeeeing cranks on cable news.

They’re not hyperventilating in apoplectic rage because Barr has no evidence.

No.  What’s got their knickers in a twist is they know evidence exists and this new Attorney General plans to look into it.

This is panic pure and simple.  The news media is complicit in SpyGate and boy are they terrified that their … what’s the word … collusion, may just be dragged kicking and screaming into the clear light of day.

The Mueller “investigation” was supposed to cover up the Obama Administration’s nefarious attempt to meddle in the 2016 election.

And after the media’s dreams were dashed by Mueller, having SpyGate exposed would be cataclysmic – not just for the Obama Administration, but for the American news media as well.

As the saying goes, if you’re getting flak, you know you’re over the target.

And all the flak the media is firing into the air since Barr’s testimony is far more revealing than even the media cares to admit.

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3 thoughts on “Evidence-free media suddenly demands evidence

  • April 11, 2019 at 11:52 am

    I long ago resigned myself to the fact that there is no crime any democrat can commit that they are in fear of being punished for.If for some reason,someone actually did see the inside of a courtroom maybe my opinion would change. As of now it is still just a lot of empty rhetoric.

  • April 11, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    Dianny, shame on you. The media is being totally consistent. Don’t you remember all the evidence they demanded during the Kavanaugh hearings? Why, they would never let unproven allegations rule the day and their airtime.

  • April 12, 2019 at 12:05 am

    Seems to me that their chickens are coming home to roost. And hopefully, their goose is cooked.

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