Evil is not in a Flag

Here in America, we’re going to eradicate the evil stink of racism by removing the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse.

Yeah. That oughta work.

It is a testament to how unwilling we are to even acknowledge the existence of evil, that some Americans want to place the blame for last week’s despicable murders on a flag.

Evil is not in a flag.

It is not woven into the very fabric of an object, but in the hearts of men.

To believe that racism will miraculously end if this flag disappears is not just recklessly naïve, it is also proof of the blindness so many of our fellow Americans have to the truth of God and the existence of the devil.

We are a sinful creation. And, sadly, some do not need a flag or a gun to commit acts of unspeakable evil.

And, rather than accept that Dylann Storm Roof is the perpetrator of this evil act, arrogant meddlesome fools prefer to indict an entire nation. As if we are to blame for the evil in this murderer’s soul.

And while they fret and complain about guns and flags and “white privilege,” meanwhile in the Middle East, evil has found new and horrific ways to murder.

ISIS is now executing Iraqis by locking them in a cage and drowning them.

evil is not in a flag

And, strapping explosives to their necks and blowing their heads off.

evil is not in a flag 02

[Hat tip the Gateway Pundit: HERE and HERE]

And here’s the thing.

If every ISIS flag on the planet were burned to ash, these satanic creatures would continue to slaughter human beings.

Because their evil isn’t in their flag.

It is in their souls.

If these silly, short-sighted people who are screaming to the heavens about a flag really wanted to battle the evil in men’s hearts, they would not be fueled as they are by discord and resentment.

And even when they got their way and SC Governor Nikki Haley joined the voices demanding the Confederate flag come down, these despicable people continued to foment their hate:

evil tweet

Notice what upset this little monster.

Nikki Haley spoke out against using riots, division and more hate to combat the evil hatred in the heart of Dylann Storm Roof.

Nikki Haley had the audacity to honor those who chose to embrace the good and not join in the evil.

And that is not allowed.

This hateful little puke opposes the Confederate flag. And yet he doesn’t need a flag to spew his hateful words, does he?

These hateful people do not want to “end racism.” They want to destroy. They want to foment division and hatred. They want to condemn all people for the actions of one man. They want to tear us apart.

This is not righteous indignation.

It is evil.

Evil exploiting an opportunity to infest others’ hearts as surely as it infested the hearts of those monsters of ISIS.

As surely as it infested the heart of Dylann Storm Roof.

There is no difference between the evil in the hearts of those of ISIS and the evil in the heart of Dylann Storm Roof. Or even the evil in the hearts of the deeply sick and hateful people like the one who sent out this tweet.

And this evil is not in a flag.

How sad it is that the memory of those who died at the brutal hands of Dylann Storm Roof has be lost in all the roiling anger and hatred fomented by those who have become fixated on a flag.

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    Well said Dianny.

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