You were expecting neutral moderators?

Hang on to your hats, folks. We’ve just learned who will be moderating the four Presidential debates this fall.

It’s pretty much what you’d expect.

Clinton News Network: Anderson “may I rub your bunions, Hillary?” Cooper
Nothing But Clinton network: Lester “The Forehead” Holt
All Bow to Clinton network: Martha “Obama came to my wedding” Raddatz
Fox News Network: Chris “Let me dog-pile on Trump with Megyn” Wallace

Shameful, ain’t it?

But it’s hardly a surprise. I mean, come on.

What were you expecting? Neutral moderators?

To have neutral moderators, the networks would have to enlist someone who is not a part of the Enslaved Press.

And they’re not going to do that.

My idea of the perfect debate moderator is Dr. Larry Arnn from Hillsdale College.

He isn’t a part of the incestuous Media/Political Complex. Besides which, he is brilliant and would ask very good questions.

I also highly doubt he would take it upon himself to shield Hillary Clinton like she was a frail, decrepit Faberge Egg while hurling every pointless and petty insult disguised as a question at Donald Trump.

And that is precisely why Dr. Arnn or anybody like him will never in a bazillion years be considered.

If the Republican nominee were the feckless Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush (or any of the other milquetoast squishes the GOP just loves dumping on us), I would be furious with this.

Those guys would be so busy trying to appear accommodating and pliant, they’d let the moderators trample all over them.

Donald Trump is neither a milquetoast nor is he a pliant, accommodating squish.

For more than a year now, Trump has been treated to every outrageous, over-the-top type of vicious bias these hacks could throw at him.

He is so used to being on the receiving end of stupid, leading questions, I’m hardly worried that this roster of moderators will trip him up.

More importantly, Donald Trump will punch back twice as hard.

Do you think Candy Crowley could have gotten away with effectively joining Obama’s side of the debate if it had been Donald Trump not Mitt Romney standing on that stage in 2012?

He would have ripped her arm off and stuffed it down her throat.

Metaphorically speaking.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter who the networks choose. The Enslaved Press is rigged to favor Hillary Clinton. What’s worse, they are on record as saying their job in this election cycle is to stop Donald Trump. With a combined mission like that, were we really expecting anything else?

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2 thoughts on “You were expecting neutral moderators?

  • September 2, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Not to mention the presidential forum is being hosted by Matt Laugher,who is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.Hope Trump asks Ratazz what the Klintoons got her for a wedding gift.A discount rate for an audience with the Bloody Beast,maybe?

  • September 3, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Moderator: Hillary, looking good by the way, do you believe you are qualified to be the POTUS?
    Hillary: Yes, I’ve been fighting for the middle class folks for 70 years. By the way, Chelsea sends her regards.

    Moderator: Mr. Trump, can you please give us the names of the capital city of Kazakhstan, the name of the President and Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, the names of the three deputy prime ministers and 17 ministers in the Council of Ministers. You have 30 seconds go.

    Trump – You’re joking right?

    Moderator – Sorry time is up. Hillary we’ll give you 2 minutes to refute Mr. Trump’s obvious lack of understanding on how simple the Gov’t of Kazakhstan is structured.

    Hillary – Yes, as you can see, Mr. Trump has not an inkling of what goes on in other countries. Well except maybe the Country Club where he and his 1% buddies laugh at joke at the expense of the middle class.

    Moderator – Hillary, love the shoes you’re wearing by the way, a question of importance to folks who cling to their guns and religion, aka right wing extremist Christians. Did you lie to anybody about the e-mail server.

    Hillary – No, and thank you for the shoes, they were a nice gift! I’ll be sure to give you exclusive rights to interviews when I am President.

    Trump – I’d like 2 minutes to refute this.

    Moderator – I’m sorry Mr. Trump, we are pressed for time and must move to a quick 30 minute break as Hillary needs to powder her nose.

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