Fact Check: Fakey Fakey Eggs and Bakey

It’s time to pull out the Dianny Fact Check service again.

This morning on Twitter I saw a picture of the Seattle Seahawks in their locker room celebrating while one player burned an American flag.

Fact Check

(I added the “So Fake” to discourage folks from continuing to share it as real)

Now, maybe it’s because I do Photoshop that I smelled a fake straightaway.

So I did a little fact check.

And I was right. It’s a fake all right.

I searched for images using “Seattle Seahawks Locker room” and the original image came up.

Fact check 2

That’s Michael Bennett (whoever he is) apparently doing the hokey pokey.

Either that or he’s leading the team in step aerobics without the step.

Whatever he’s doing, he isn’t holding a burning American flag, for Pete’s sake.

Then, I searched “burning American flag” and found the image of the flag used in the phony baloney picture.

fact check 3

Listen, there is plenty to not like about the NFL’s decision to double-down on protests during the National Anthem without resorting to creating fake news.

And this, my friends was fake news.

So, Dianny’s Fact Check Determination is: Fakey Fakey Eggs and Bakey

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