Facts First

Facts First

Ever since they launched that ridiculous Facts First ad, CNN seems to be going out of its way to prove that the ad was a parody.

Yesterday, CNN clumsily edited footage of Prime Minister Abe and President Trump feeding the koi at the Imperial Palace. The Facts First network edited out Prime Minister Abe dumping the last of his box of food into the water. And instead, only showed President Trump dumping his.

The goal was simple: to make President Trump look like a gormless lout.

Naturally, Trump-hating journalists jumped on it like a carp on a worm. And in no time flat, the Facts First network’s fake news spread like wildfire.

They did the same when President Trump was in Poland, remember? CNN claimed that the Polish First Lady refused to shake the President’s hand.

It was a lie. She did shake his hand. But CNN didn’t show that part.

Because, well, what else would you expect from the so-called Facts First network?

They want to leave you with the impression that our President is traveling the world and making a buffoon of himself.

And since Mr. Trump won’t cooperate by acting like a buffoon, CNN is reduced to creatively editing video to accomplish it.

Facts First my shiny white bum.

They’re so blinded by hate that they wouldn’t know a fact if it swam up from the depths and bit them on the ass.

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2 thoughts on “Facts First

  • November 7, 2017 at 8:17 am

    The MSM has been “fake news” since Cronkite’s “Ugly American” “news” series in 1950! Walt was fake; long before CNN!

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