Fake News: This year’s “Climate Denier”

I’m sure you saw that Hillary Clinton decided to hop on board the Fake News bandwagon yesterday.

These people are so damn predictable.

The Left never tires of launching Inquisitions. Have you noticed?

For them, controlling the flow of information is their one and only key to power.

Fascists, man. They are all alike.

But they’re not controlling the flow information anymore, are they?

Whenever free-thinking people reject their indoctrination, all the Left can do in response is launch a smear campaign.

Disagree with the religion of Manmade Climate Change? You’re a Climate Denier. Or the new one: “Denialist.”

The irony, of course, is Leftists accuse others of the very thing they are guilty of.

Who is really denying science? When studies show no discernable global warming, it is the Left that denies the studies. Any time Climate Change scientists are shown to doctor their results, it is the Left that refuses to believe they were defrauded.

When news sites refused to carry Hillary Clinton’s water, the Left’s first response was to smear these news sites as being “Alt-Right.”

Hillary herself went on a campaign against this so-called “Alt-Right.” And I think she thought it would work.

But it didn’t work, did it?

So now the new Leftist discrediting campaign has begun: Fake News.

And just like Leftists tend to be the real “deniers,” the very people pushing the Fake News smear are the ones who have been peddling Fake News for years.

You see, Fake News is this year’s “Climate Denier.”

Leftists can’t win in the arena of ideas. They just can’t.

So rather than debate and argue their point, they seek to silence or discredit those with whom they disagree. They proclaim “the debate is over” – not because they won it, but because they can’t.

This Fake News smear campaign was bound to happen.

Leftists are not used to losing control of the narrative. More importantly, they cannot afford to lose control of the narrative. Because if they do, they will lose.

The truth is, I think the Left became very cocky. They’ve controlled the flow of information for so long, I think they never believed they’d lose that control.

Then Andrew Breitbart came along.

Breitbart found the chink in the Left’s armor. And he exposed it.

I never met Andrew Breitbart, and I certainly won’t presume to speak for him.

But something tells me he would get a kick out of how hysterical the Left has become with the election of Donald Trump.

Something tells me, he’d see their Fake News smear campaign as all manner of hilarious.

In 2009, Andrew Breitbart was effectively the only one getting under the skin of these thin-skinned Leftist authoritarians.

But that’s changed quite a bit over the last seven years, hasn’t it?

We’ve become an army of Andrew Breitbarts. All of us who stand up to the Left’s narrative and fight back – we are all Breitbart.

This Fake News misdirect is proof that the stranglehold the Left had on the narrative has been completely broken.

It’s hilarious watching these people who for years carefully controlled and scripted the narrative become hysterical when they discover nobody believes them anymore.

Even the Fake News narrative is being carefully scripted and controlled, isn’t it?

From all corners – not just in the Enslaved Press, but also from Obama and even Hillary – this Fake News smear campaign is contrived and scripted.

Just consider failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton using her brief time in the public eye yesterday to whine about Fake News. Even in defeat, she happily picks up the marching orders of the Left.

Problem is, it isn’t going to work.

Here’s the thing. Hillary’s campaign was completely dependent on the Left controlling the flow of information. She needed this Leftist control of mass media to push her into the White House.

And that’s why she lost.

Sure, the Left-controlled news outlets did her bidding perfectly.

But since they no longer control the flow of information, it didn’t matter that they were actively campaigning for her.

And that is precisely why she and her sycophants are so angry.

If they still had their singular control on information, Hillary would have won.

Since the Left can’t win on their ideas, they absolutely have to maintain control of the flow of information.

Leftists will never take losing gracefully.

And they will never admit defeat.

Instead, they hope to cling to their control by discrediting those who defeated them.

But they can’t un-ring that bell.

When the people shrieking “Fake News!” are the ones who have already been discredited as peddling lies, nobody will give a damn what they say.

You only need to consider that the Enslaved Press is using the King of False Reporting himself to report on “Fake News.”

You have to admit. It’s fun watching these people who have lied to us for decades making idiots of themselves over so-called “Fake News.”

I wouldn’t be too concerned over this “Fake News” campaign.

In fact, I think this “Well, oh yeah?! You’re nothing but Fake News!” will be about as successful a strategy as their efforts to elect Hillary Clinton.

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4 thoughts on “Fake News: This year’s “Climate Denier”

  • December 9, 2016 at 11:45 am

    I equate it with these loonies who claim to see ghosts all the time and get really upset when you say you don’t actually believe in them.
    My point to them is that in these days of every human with a cell phone/video apparatus, it’s funny that not ONE single person has captured a ghost image.
    But they still remain so convinced that they look at you disdainfully.

    I guess that makes me a “ghost denier.”

  • December 9, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    What we need is a …uh ….”Ministry of Truth”….yeah…that’s it…. yeah, yeah…we could create a whole new bureaucracy?…yeah…that’s it. We need to have a Ministry of Truth rep in every newsroom…just for starters…then we make sure that anyone who wants to post on the internet….uh…let’s see…needs a license…yeah.. and insurance…yeah

  • December 9, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    “twice” failed presidential candidate . . .

    I wonder if anyone has reminded her of that lately?

  • December 9, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Hitlery the Horrible Hildabeast is: Out to lunch, out of work, out to pasture. Lock the friggin gate!

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