Farewell Narcissus

Much like the fabled Narcissus, Barack Obama fell in love with his own reflection.

If you’re wondering why this self-satisfied egomaniac chose to deliver his “farewell address” before an audience of thousands in Chicago rather than from the White House, this is why.

Barack Obama sees his reflection in the fawning, devoted followers he’s gathered over the years.

And they don’t reflect reality. Not by any measure.

Instead, they reflect back on our modern-day Narcissus the image he’s created for himself.

The Savior.

The Healer.

The Messianic Messenger of Yes We Can.

The Washington Examiner dutifully pointed out that the Farewell Address President Narcissus delivered last night was longer than the addresses given by Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.


That’s because it wasn’t a “farewell address.”

It was Narcissus hungrily gazing into his reflection in the tear-filled eyes of the deeply devoted. And gobbling up one last giant dose of adulation and praise.

And that takes time.

You can’t expect him to do that in less than ten minutes.

And you certainly can’t expect him to do that while staring into a camera in the Oval Office.

I have no desire to parse the masturbatory meanderings of this Narcissist-in-Chief.

If you were hoping for my take, I’m sorry.

I see no point in cataloguing the lies and itemizing the self-adulation of a man who never tires of deifying himself.

What use is an Oval Office Address to a narcissist?

Obama needed the loud cheers and tearful praise to puff himself up one last time.

And what better place to feed his overweening ego than Chicago?

A city at war — on the verge of financial default with crumbling schools, exploding crime and economic ruin.

But the one thing Chicago has going for it is a large enough segment of the population is willing to dismiss their own lying eyes in favor of flights of fancy peddled by this charlatan.

The truth is, in a month’s time, nobody will remember a word of what he said.

Obama’s speeches are like a high sugar/high calorie meal. Sure, immediately afterward, you feel filled up. But they are utterly devoid of substance.

So why bother parsing this?

We all knew it was going to be an over-the-top self-congratulating love-fest full of soaring words and lacking in content, substance or any semblance of reality.

After eight years of this modern-day Narcissus, I expected nothing less.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Narcissus

  • January 11, 2017 at 11:49 am

    But, there are roughly 3,000 fewer in attendance than 8 yrs. ago at his Grant Park extravaganza due the Chicago’s gunfire

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