Faster than you can say Vacation Home, Whitmer plays the victim

Faster than you can say Vacation Home, Whitmer plays the victim

Add Gretchen Whitmer to the growing list of “Do What I Say, Not What I Do” Democrats who won’t abide by their own draconian lockdown orders.  After barring Michiganders from traveling to their vacation homes, Whitmer’s husband traveled to their vacation home before Memorial Day weekend where he proceeded to use the “Don’t you know who I am?” card.

The most shocking thing about this story isn’t that Whitmer’s husband violated the lockdown and traveled to their vacation home.

The most shocking thing is discovering that somebody married that woman.

I gotta admit, that came as a complete surprise to me.

When Whitmer’s husband was up at their vacation home, he called the boat dock and requested he be allowed to put the Whitmer family’s boat in the water.  After he was told they couldn’t possibly get it done prior to Memorial Day, Mr. Karen said, “I am the husband to the governor.  Will this make a difference?”

You know it’s bad when Politico – that reliable Democrat Public Relations firm – actually calls you out for your husband acting like a prat.

According to Governor Karen, her husband was just joking around.

See, he only went up to their vacation home to rake leaves.

Because apparently it’s October in Michigan.

But that’s it. That’s all he did.  He just went up for a night or two to rake the leaves, then come right back home.

And, so, what exactly?  After a busy day of raking leaves, he decided to have a joke on the boat dock people because he was bored?  So even though he had no intention of getting his boat in the water because all he was doing was raking the leaves, he thought it would be a great laugh to call them up anyway and play the “My wife is the Governor” card?


Just how desperate is this guy to get his boat in the water for him to admit to someone he’s married to Gretchen Whitmer?

He must really love motorboating.

Crap. Now I have a mental image of Mr. Karen motorboating with his Governor wife, and I sincerely wish I hadn’t written that.

My guess is Governor Karen knew full well how bad this looked.  Chances are, she wasn’t expecting her husband’s little trip to their vacation home to blow up in her face and make her look like a hypocrite.

So what does she do?

What do all Democrats do?

She played the victim.

She had to cancel her own daughter’s graduation!  And prom!

People are protesting her!

Vile things are being said about her on social media!

And the guns!  Don’t forget the people with those scary “automatic weapons” which aren’t really “automatic weapons,” but saying “semi-automatic rifles” doesn’t sound scary enough or help drive home her point that she’s the victim.

In short, “How dare you ask about my idiot husband going to our vacation home and making me look like a hypocritical bitch?! I’m the true victim here!”

Does the Victim Card come with the “I’ve just been elected to office” Democrat Party starter kit?

Whitmer claims that all of this is the fault of COVID-19.  But that’s BS.  It isn’t the pandemic that has caused all this anger and resentment in Michigan.  Governor Karen’s panicked and incompetent response is the cause.

And as I said the other day, Whitmer hasn’t a clue how to pull her state out of this dive she put it in.  She’s in over her head.  So instead of acting swiftly and wisely to get Michiganders back to work and back to their regularly scheduled lives, she keeps extending the lockdown and blaming it on a mythical “second wave” that might, maybe, possibly occur.

Governor Karen says she isn’t happy about what her husband did.

Of course she isn’t.  That makes two strikes against her in her quest to be Biden’s running mate.  Maybe she still had a chance when the only strike against her was “I’m white.”  But now?  “I’m white and privileged” has doomed her.

And if the Biden campaign decides to drop her like a hot rock, and her hopes of taking up residence at the Naval Observatory are dashed, I expect Mr. Governor Karen will be spending the rest of his days alone in their vacation home. Whether he likes it or not.

Hat tip The Conservative Treehouse.

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4 thoughts on “Faster than you can say Vacation Home, Whitmer plays the victim

  • May 27, 2020 at 11:29 am

    Leftists are reaching the point where parody will be impossible. Words are failing. All they deserve are a horse laugh and a pie in the face. Ever notice that Gretchen rhymes with retchin’? Does Mr. Karen resemble the poor guy who is married to Fauxcahontas Warren? Ugh!
    LEFTISTS: The men are better looking and more feminine than the women and they deserve each other.

  • May 27, 2020 at 11:41 am

    I am reminded of Maha Rushie’s name for John Edwards: The Breck Girl. And, a large part of the reason Libtard Commiecrat broads have faces that could make freight trains take dirt roads is that they have unquenchable anger festering deep within their souls. That’s a large part of the reasoning in this forced lockdown: “Because I can’t be happy, NOBODY gets to be happy!”

    And it ain’t social distancing, either. It’s “Tyrannical Spacing.”

    Thanks for the great meme as always, Dianny!

    • May 27, 2020 at 1:47 pm

      Didja hear that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (love names with hyphens) is the new Spokesmodel for the WD-40 line of haircare products? If you ever catch a Leftist female smiling please get in on film (I’m dating myself). Would it never occur to them: I’ve been miserable for decades – maybe I oughta try something else? Nope. If they ever cleaned up and cheered up they’d be banned from the echo-chamber.
      Is “social distancing” the stupidest phrase so far in the 21st Century? Is Planned Parenthood the greatest euphemism of ALL TIME?

  • May 27, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Lord help us if we ever get accustomed to the current tyrannical insanity. Rolling over and following orders is not part of the American Character. But, we must remember that Democrats/Leftists do not like America and they do not like Freedom! Democrats like pushing people around and they like abortion. Oh, and settled “science” which is nothing more than “Political Science”. Remember Obama talking about “…fundamentally changing the United States of America”? He wasn’t kidding. Thankfully he was too stupid and lazy to do much permanent damage. The men and women who made and make America Great would be and are ashamed of all the cowards slithering around today. It’s embarrassing.
    God bless our President.

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