I feel like the Omega Man

I feel like the Omega Man

So, I went to the polls right at noon today to cast my vote for Ted Cruz in the New York Primary.

One of the strange things about being a Republican living in the Syracuse University area is I feel like the Omega Man.

Okay, the Omega woman, but you know what I mean.

If you don’t know the movie, Charlton Heston plays a doctor who is the only survivor of a biological war that has wiped out the human race. Other than him, the only people left on earth are horribly deformed humans who only come out at night.

Here in this area, being a Republican — especially a conservative Republican — can make you feel like the only non-deformed human left on the planet.

When I stepped into the polling place, there was a very long, looonnnggg line of people waiting to get their ballots.

One of the poll workers said to me, “Are you a Democrat? Then you’ll need to get to the end of the line.”

“No, I’m a Republican,” I replied.

Suddenly, the long line of night-dwellers turned en masse to goggle at me.

Probably didn’t help that I was wearing my Molon Labe T-shirt.

And you should have seen this line of people. It was like Occupy Wall Street decided to occupy a polling place. One young woman with tattoos, dreadlocks and what can only have been a hemp-made scarf glared at me.

Turns out looks can’t kill.

I was in and out of there before she even got to the table to get her ballot and vote for Bernie.

One of the benefits of living deep within enemy territory is it helps you develop a very thick skin. Who knew I was going to need that particular helpful feature not only to combat the crazy Liberals, but also Trump supporters? Or, is that the same thing?

Something tells me that Hillary may get a run for her money in this particular region of Central New York. While Syracuse has a large African American population who are no doubt thrilled that Hillary carries hot sauce, the University Area is very pro-Bernie. In fact, the only lawn signs I saw on my drive from my house to the polling place were Sanders signs.

Well, it’s Syracuse University, after all. SU is known for its distaste for free speech and its love of radical Leftists delusions.

But any old how. The New York Primary is on. Let the games begin.

And if you’re from New York, get your ass out to the polls and vote. Just ignore the night-dwelling kooky Leftists who ogle you like a two-headed calf at the State Fair.

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One thought on “I feel like the Omega Man

  • April 19, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    You did good today. You did your civic duty, stand tall, Lady Dianny. Your vote told 4 out of 5 candidates to pack sand.

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