Fifteen million in 72 hours

Fifteen million in 72 hours

If the Democrats had the sense God gave a goat, they would be damn nervous right now.  Since Nancy Pelosi announced her unofficial impeachment inquiry, the Trump campaign has been flooded with donations — raking in nearly fifteen million dollars in 72 hours.

More importantly, that fifteen million came from small donors.

“Including 50,000 NEW donors.”

That’s worth repeating.

Nancy and that pernicious puke Adam Schiff succeeded in motivating 50,000 people who had never donated to the Trump campaign before to crack open their checkbooks and donate now.

I call this sort of thing Operation Backfire.

Democrats push too hard and too far.  And inevitably, there is pushback.

It’s Newton’s Third Law.

You’d think the Party of ScienceTM would understand that.  But they don’t.

Fifteen million in 72 hours is the equal and opposite reaction to the Democrats’ latest attempt to undermine the consent of the governed.

Sure, it’s still more than thirteen months before Americans can go to the polls and vote.  So we’re doing the next best thing and voting with our wallets.

This should terrify the Democrats.

But they don’t care.

This push for impeachment has nothing to do with “the law” or “the Constitution” or as Nancy laughingly claimed, “patriotism.”

Nor does it have anything to do with winning in 2020. At this point the Democrats don’t care if they lose the House or the Presidency.

All that matters to them is delegitimizing our electoral process.

Daniel Greenfield pointed this out the other day in a column at Front Page Magazine that’s worth reading.

Here’s some of what Greenfield wrote:

Their real goal is to use blind hatred of Republicans to convince Democrats that elections are inherently illegitimate. All their arguments, whether about Russian Facebook bots or the Electoral College circle back to that.

The choosing of governments, it follows, is too important an issue to be left to mere voters whose voting machines and brains are all too easily hacked by disinformation campaigns and FOX News.

And the removal of President Trump from office is also too important to be left to those same voters.

Greenfield is right.

We know the Democrats do not trust the American people to choose their own leaders.  That’s the biggest lesson of the post-2016 ResistanceLOL.

But something tells me so far it isn’t working.

And as Greenfield points out, this impeachment push is just the latest in a never-ending strategy to undermine the “consent of the governed:”

Impeachment is not just meant to be a trial of President Trump, but of the voters who chose him. Its outcome, whatever the composition of the Senate, is meant to be an argument for remaking the system of elections, whether by abolishing the Electoral College or tampering with the judiciary, that would take the power further out of the hands of the voters and concentrate them with the right sorts of people.

It goes without saying that they believe those of us who elected Donald Trump President are not “the right sorts of people.”

After all, we’re “deplorable” or, as Cory Booker put it this week, “despicable.”

Do you think this direct attack on We the People escapes our notice?

Of course it doesn’t.

It’s been coming at us like a hail of bullets for three-plus years.

Which is exactly why Americans are firing back in the only way we can right now – by donating to the tune of fifteen million dollars in 72 hours.

Democrats want to make us powerless.  They want to make us voiceless.

Donating to the Trump campaign is one way for us to exert power.

It’s our way of saying, “Don’t make us angry. You won’t like us when we’re angry.”

And we are livid.

Fifteen million dollars in seventy-two hours is a gigantic Screw You to these assholes.

Team Trump isn’t letting the grass grow beneath its feet.  Already they are making good use of those donations.  According to Brad Parscale, next week, they will be launching a $10 million ad campaign.

And it’s already paid for!

In the meantime, President Trump unveiled on Twitter the campaign ad they’ll be running.

And it’s brutal.

As I’ve said countless times, President Trump has never been the primary target of the Democrat Party’s attacks.

We are.

It isn’t Trump they hate; they hate us.

This impeachment push likewise is yet another attack on us.

And the Trump campaign raising fifteen million in 72 hours from small donors is a clear indication that Americans know we’re the real target of the Democrat Party.

So thanks Nancy and Adam. Team Trump couldn’t have done it without you!

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5 thoughts on “Fifteen million in 72 hours

  • September 28, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Nanny Pelosi only wishes she’d been the real calendar girl Miss Lube Rack of 1955.

  • September 28, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Yep. As soon as I heard the liberal battle cry (IMPEACH!) I clicked the “donate” button again. These leftist communist assholes are terrified, you can be sure. They are so disoriented that they are destroying themselves, and they aren’t even aware of it. They are at the edge of madness with one foot in the abyss and the other foot on a roller-skate. It shouldn’t take much of a push to put ’em over…

  • September 28, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    I wonder if Parody Parrot aka Adam Shiftless is laughing now. I imagine President Trump is laughing, all the way to the bank. 4 more years, Giv’Em Hell Trump!

  • September 28, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    I called Stretch Pelosi’s office the other night and thanked her for re-electing our President, Donald John Trump!

    Oh, and I actually called her “Nancy STRETCH Pelosi”.

  • September 30, 2019 at 11:36 am

    It seems to me that the Democratic Party is on a self-destruct mission. How can they expect any credibility the way they are acting.

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