First Jewish President outed covert Israeli missions

In his address at the EMET’s dinner on Thursday, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert revealed that the Obama Administration outed Israeli spies working actively in Iran.

Oy gevalt!

Such a Mensch, that Obama.

The Israelis apparently managed to get spies into Iran via cargo boats to launch covert operations against this Death-to-America, Death-to-Israel-spouting nation hell-bent on gaining nuclear weapons.

Gohmert also cited the Obama Administration’s 2012 outing of a secret military alliance between Azerbaijan and Israel that would have permitted Israeli jets land to at Azeri airfields after a pending strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Does this sound like something a guy who claims to be the most pro-Israel President in the history of the universe would do?

What ally exposes the covert operations of another ally waged against a mutual enemy?

Who does that?!

Well apparently, the closest thing to a Jewish President, that’s who.

Outside of a plot line for the show “24,” I’ve never been able to conceive of a scenario where the President of the United States would be so desperate to make a deal with a US enemy that he would betray an ally.

Never, that is, until Obama.

Honestly. Not only is this man not a friend of Israel. He is not our friend.

Hat Tip Israeli National News via The Gateway Pundit.

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