Flat-Out Treason


And with respect to the Russian sales, I will tell you this is actually a sale that was slated to happen …uh … in 2009. When I first met with …uh… then-Prime Minister Putin, …uh… they actually stopped the sale, paused or suspended the sale at our request. Um. And …uh … I’m, frankly, surprised that it held this long, …um…. given that they were not prohibited by sanctions from selling these defensive weapons. Um. When I say I’m not surprised — given some of the deterioration in the relationship between Russia …uh… and the United States, ….uh… and the fact that their economy is under strain and this was a substantial sale.

This is how a bloodless man responds to one enemy of the US selling missile-defense technology to another enemy of the US which would, in effect, prevent an ally of the US from being able to launch a successful attack on the enemy’s nuclear facilities.

Obama is so invested in clearing the way for Iran to become a nuclear power, that he doesn’t have a problem with Russia selling them a missile-defense shield which could, theoretically, prevent not only a successful attack by Israel, but also the United States.

Of course he doesn’t have a problem with it.

Remember last month when Netanyahu won reelection in a landslide, I said that Obama would find a passive-aggressive way to get back at him.

And here it is.

Flat-Out Treason

He simply stands aside and shrugs off Russia supplying Iran with technology to ward off an attack by Israel.

This deal isn’t about ensuring Iran never gets a nuclear weapon.

Like most things that tumble out of Obama’s mouth, that’s a bald-faced lie.

Obama wants to influence a shifting hegemony in the Middle East. One that would have Iran emerge as the central power. Even if that shifting hegemony threatens a US ally.

Netanyahu is getting in Obama’s way. Netanyahu has been clear, that even if they have to go it alone, they will stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

What better way to hinder Israel’s doing that then to stand aside and let Russia sell Iran anti-missile technology?

Listen to that clip. Does he sound in the least bit concerned that Russia is helping fortify Iran’s defenses? Does he sound in the least bit angry?

If Obama, in …uh… 2009 …uh… was able to stop the sale of this technology, why didn’t he …uh… ask President Putin not to go through with it …uh… now?

I’ll tell you why.

He didn’t want to stop the sale. He has no problem with getting in the way of Israel defending itself against Iran. Because he doesn’t want Israel to be successful in taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Part of it is Obama’s sickeningly over-inflated ego.

But only part of it.

The truth is, the allies of the United States of America are not Obama’s allies.

The enemies of the United States of America are not Obama’s enemies.

Obama has set himself apart from the United States and US national interests.

In a sane world, this man would be impeached.

He gives aid and comfort to our enemies.

That’s flat-out treason.

And those feckless fools in the Senate have simply stepped aside and surrendered their authority in the treaty process while they claim that they’ve secured a compromise that will ensure the Senate a role in the Iran deal.

In other words, they’ve pissed on our legs and told us it’s raining.

I’m telling you, something stinks in Washington.

How do you explain these idiots in the Republican Party who, rather than be an effective opposition to an out-of-control despot simply lying down and giving up without a fight?

They’re surrendering to flat-out treason.

How do you explain the fact that they are consciously ignoring the will of the people and their oaths of office, and siding with this egomaniacal, reckless, treasonous man?

Something stinks to high heaven.

Washington has officially abandoned the American People and our allies.

Washington has sided with our enemy.

It’s flat-out treason.

I’ll tell you something. If I were Netanyahu, I would order air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities immediately. I would bomb the living crap out of them until the sand turns to glass.

Israel cannot count on their ally the United States. Not because the United States has abandoned Israel. But because Washington has abandoned them. Just as surely as Washington has abandoned the United States of America.

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