Fool Me Once


There’s an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Last week, I hired a plumbing company to deal with the flooding in my basement. They installed a sump pump. Two days after it was installed, I discovered that the PVC pipe that rises up from the pump toward the ceiling was leaking. I called them and asked them to come over and make this repair (at no charge to me). As it was Saturday, the man who came by to look at the problem, said he was on emergency back-up service and couldn’t do the repair, but somebody would be out first thing Monday morning to fix it.

Monday at 3:45 pm, I was still waiting. I called and was told someone was on his way “right now.” Well, an hour later he showed up. He said he couldn’t do the work because he was already on overtime, but someone would be out very first thing Tuesday morning.


It’s Friday. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since Monday at 4:45 pm.

My Dad and I made the necessary repairs today. We just finished up.

Needless to say, if I need to hire a plumbing company again, I won’t be calling this place.

Once you know you can’t trust a business to stay true to their word, you don’t use them again.

This is the problem with Barack Obama.

He’s like a shady business that just keeps scamming the same people over and over again. And every time these drones get scammed, they are shocked and outraged, but still go back to Obama to get serviced.

And he services them, you guys. But not the way they wanted.

With respect to Iran, Obama has a lot in common with these drones who still trust Barack to tell the truth and do the right thing.

In his Rose Garden statement on this yet-to-be finalized or even written down, let alone signed deal that has been reached, but hasn’t been reached because nothing has been finalized or even written down…

(you still with me?)

…among his litany of lies, Obama made this statement:

For the fact is, we only have three options for addressing Iran’s nuclear program. First, we can reach a robust and verifiable deal — like this one — and peacefully prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
The second option is we can bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, thereby starting another war in the Middle East, and setting back Iran’s program by a few years — in other words, setting it back by a fraction of the time that this deal will set it back. Meanwhile we’d ensure that Iran would race ahead to try and build a bomb.
Third, we could pull out of negotiations, try to get other countries to go along and continue sanctions that are currently in place or add additional ones, and hope for the best — knowing that every time we have done so, Iran has not capitulated but instead has advanced its program, and that in very short order, the breakout timeline would be eliminated and a nuclear arms race in the region could be triggered because of that uncertainty. In other words, the third option leads us very quickly back to a decision about whether or not to take military action, because we’d have no idea what was going on inside of Iran.
Iran is not going to simply dismantle its program because we demand it to do so. That’s not how the world works, and that’s not what history shows us. Iran has shown no willingness to eliminate those aspects of their program that they maintain are for peaceful purposes, even in the face of unprecedented sanctions. Should negotiations collapse because we, the United States, rejected what the majority of the world considers a fair deal, what our scientists and nuclear experts suggest would give us confidence that they are not developing a nuclear weapon, it’s doubtful that we can even keep our current international sanctions in place.

Okay, so let me see if I get this straight.

If we bomb their nuclear facilities, they’ll continue making the bomb.

If we impose stronger sanctions, they’ll continue making the bomb.

But if we fly John Kerry to Switzerland to bend over and take it in the behind and give concession after concession, Iran can be trusted to stop making the bomb?

Fool me once ….

That would be like me saying, “Letting this company install my sump pump is something I can’t trust them to do, but having them come over and make a repair to a stopped up toilet is something I can totally trust them with.”

Barack, you yourself say in this insipid lie-filled statement that Iran won’t just disarm because we tell them to. You say yourself that history has shown Iran can’t be trusted.

So, why should we the American people trust them now?

On your say so?!

Hahahaha. No.

Fool me once…

Here’s the skinny, folks.

Barry doesn’t think it will be different.

Barry doesn’t give the hairy ass of a rat if Iran complies or not.

We can’t trust Iran.

And the sad fact is most Americans know we can’t trust Obama either.

Neither party is particularly trustworthy to say the least.

But it isn’t that they are lying to each other.

They are both lying to us.

How can you trust any deal made between two deeply dishonest parties?

You can’t.

In his Rose Garden statement yesterday, when addressing the fact that his “partner in peace” is the largest state sponsor of terror across the globe, Obama said this:

We have a difficult history between us, and our concerns will remain with respect to Iranian behavior so long as Iran continues its sponsorship of terrorism, its support for proxies who destabilize the Middle East, its threats against America’s friends and allies — like Israel. So make no mistake: We will remain vigilant in countering those actions and standing with our allies.


We’re supposed to believe you now, Barack?

We can’t keep our doctor if we like our doctor.

We can’t keep our healthcare plan if we like our healthcare plan.

We apparently DO negotiate with terrorists now even though you claim that “make no mistake, the United States will never negotiate with terrorists.”

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, go screw yourself, Barack.

We’re supposed to be assured that you will be vigilant in countering Iran’s sponsoring of terror?

Yeah. We’re simply not that stupid.

Obama’s statement in the Rose Garden falls apart because the premise that he can be trusted to tell us the truth or follow through on his claims simply isn’t there.

Both “partners in peace” are lying.

They are lying to us.

Fool us once …

We’re not buying it.

We’ve been fooled by Iran too many times to believe that this time, THIS TIME, they really, really, really mean it.

Likewise, we’ve been fooled by Barack Obama too many times to believe that this time, if we like our world peace, we can keep our world peace.


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  • April 3, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    What really p*sses me off is we’re suppose to have a government of checks and balances yet this one treasonous tyrant seems to rule all by himself. I hope Iran bombs Washinton DC first.

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