For Democrats, failure is a resume-enhancer

Two bits of news came out yesterday that confirm what I suspected about the Democrat Party.

Failure is a resume-enhancer.

First up, losing Socialist Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Not only did Gillum lose to Ron DeSantis, he is also under an ethics investigation for accepting gifts while serving as Mayor of Tallahassee.

As CNN pointed out last Friday:

And yet…

Then again, ethics violations are also a resume-enhancer for Democrats.

Just ask Maxine Waters.

And then we have losing Socialist Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Abrams, if you recall, wrested the title of “World’s Biggest Loser” away from Hillary Clinton after she was defeated by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.  Even when she finally accepted her defeat, Abrams refused to concede.

Of course she did.

Instead, she whined that Democracy was undermined by Georgia’s election laws that prevented her from committing voter fraud to win.

But failure is a resume-enhancer for the Democrats.


The ideals that built this country – success, hard work, effort, gutting it up and trying harder – these are repugnant to Democrats.

Instead, they embrace Victimhood.

And what better way to be a victim than to fail?

All you have to do is claim you failed due to “systemic racism” or “a rigged system” or “white privilege” and PRESTO!

You become the Hero is your own Victim Psycho-Drama.

Hillary has built her entire post-2016 existence on this.

She didn’t lose because she was a wooden, unlikeable candidate with more baggage than a Samsonite warehouse.


She was a victim – of Russia, of Comey, of Misogyny, of white women who voted the way their husbands wanted them to, of Fill-In-The-Blank.

Of course, in the case of the SOTU response, it could just be cowardice that led Chuck Schumer to select Stacey Abrams.

Last year’s SOTU response didn’t elevate “rising Democrat star” Joe Kennedy III. In fact, his rising star sputtered out like a wet fart after that.

It could be that no office-holding Democrat wants to suffer the same fate.

Besides, the Democrats know that when they say the quiet parts out loud, they get hammered by voters for their insane positions.

Just look at what happened with Kamala Harris over the last couple days.

On Monday night, she told Jake Tapper that she is all for getting rid of private health insurance entirely.

The tsunami of negative responses forced poor Kamala to trip all over herself as she flipped and flopped away from that position less than 24 hours after advancing it.

But Stacey Abrams is damaged goods.

She’s already a loser.

Shoving her in front of a live television audience to advance the Democrats’ crazy socialist ideas prevents those crazy ideas from splashing back on Democrats who currently hold office. (Despite the fact that virtually all Democrats agree with her.)

And if her speech elicits outrage from the voters, Democrats can easily distance themselves from the things she says – much like they scrambled all over each other to disavow Kamala’s crazy “eliminate private insurance” remark.

The fact is, socialism is the new Big Thing in the Democrat Party.

And every single Democrat is singing from the Socialist Hymnal.

Plus the Democrats are fully invested in Identity Politics.

As Daniel Greenfield points out in his column from today’s Front Page Magazine:

All that diverse tribalism also serves as cover for the absence of policy diversity in the field. Whether you vote for the black or white, the male or female, the straight or gay candidates, you get the same platform. Everyone has or will have some sort of massive cash giveaway at taxpayer expense. Everyone has or will have a plan for even more socialized medicine, free college, environmental taxes, protecting illegal aliens, and decriminalizing crimes while boosting Democrat voter rolls.


A diverse slate of candidates all proposing the same thing isn’t diversity. But the candidates don’t craft their own policy platforms, they’re crafted for them by lefty think tanks like the Center for American Progress, and a combination of activist and media pressure to have free everything in their platforms.

When that’s all there is to your party, it’s hardly surprising that both Gillum and Abrams are being promoted despite the fact that they’re losers.

They’re not just socialists; they’re socialist people of color. That’s all that matters to the Democrat Party right now. What’s being a winning candidate compared to that?

So long as the Democrat Party continues to rush headlong to the Left while advancing Identity politics, Gillum and Abrams will never fade into obscurity.

No matter how many elections they might lose.

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3 thoughts on “For Democrats, failure is a resume-enhancer

  • January 30, 2019 at 11:42 am

    I’m glad she’s providing the Dem response. Now the rest of the country can see what we narrowly (repeat…. narrowly) avoided here in Georgia. Who woulda thunk?

  • January 30, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    While Socialism is the new ‘in thing’ for the democrats, the fact is that it is the theme they have been living and singing the socialist mantra for decades. As you pointed out they are not hiding it anymore.

    The Socialist movement requires victims and a victim class to work. If there are no victims then there is no need for socialism.

    You can ask why would someone who is a ‘have’ want to convert our economic and governmental system to socialism?? The answer is not to benefit the people but is instead, maintaining political control and majority. The beauty of this scam is that you cannot criticize the democrats push for socialism without being labelled hard hearted and racist. We are seeing this now every day.

    The lure of socialism is very strong and the democrats know this and will pander to the correct portions of society until they achieve it. In the process they may start Civil War 2 but that is a minor detail. You can look up the beginnings of the USSR and Communist China to see how the manipulators of the coup used conflict to gain even more power.

  • January 30, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    Is she one of the fat women that had the problem on the airplane?

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