Former DNC staffer Andrew Therriault fires back and quickly retreats

Andrew Therriault

After Hillary Clinton threw the DNC under the bus in yesterday’s episode of “All the folks who done me wrong,” former DNC staffer Andrew Therriault fired back.

Tweets from the Gateway Pundit

You’ll notice those are screen captures of the tweets.

Well, there’s a reason.

Andrew Therriault has already deleted them.

My guess is he didn’t want to get shot in an apparent late-night robbery where nothing is taken.

But that’s just conjecture on my part.

I told you Hillary’s allies were going to grow weary of her constant complaining.

Especially now that she’s hurling her venom their way.

I don’t blame Therriault for backtracking. Who wants to get on the Clinton Crime Family’s radar?

As the old saying goes. Cross a Clinton in the morning, sleep with the fishes by midnight.

If I were he, I’d go somewhere Hillary isn’t able to find him.

Maybe Wisconsin.

She’ll never look there.

Let’s face it. Hillary isn’t doing herself any favors.

Especially now that her obsessive need to assign the blame for her humiliating loss has reached the doorstep of the DNC.

Making herself so toxic to her own people may just result in them deciding to strike back.

You think the DNC doesn’t have plenty of dirt on Hillary that they could use to ruin her?

Come on.

You know they do.

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One thought on “Former DNC staffer Andrew Therriault fires back and quickly retreats

  • June 1, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Please let her keep alienating even the most hard core democRATs – there are still far too many of them who put the party first, last and always. Perhaps if she keeps going more of them will finally wake up to reality. I know, a bunch of them never will but maybe enough will to put the final stake in the ‘party of the people’.

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