France Surrenders


This is one of those “I told you so’s” that really grates my cheese.

But, I told you that France has a reputation for surrender.

Sometimes, I hate it when I’m right.

As much as I held out hope that the French people would (for once) stand up for themselves, I had this sinking feeling that they wouldn’t.

At some point, a nation is too far gone to save itself.

Americans, unlike the French, do not want to go down willingly. We refuse to surrender.

This is why President Trump won.

Brits are the same way.  They fought alone against the Germans after the French collapsed like an expensive soufflé.

Brits don’t surrender either.  This is why Brexit won.

Maybe it’s because I’m reading Adios, America by Ann Coulter that I have a newfound respect for the Anglo-Saxon resolve that founded America and established the British Empire.

Americans have far more in common with the Brits than we do the French.  The French have more in common with Canada.

So it doesn’t surprise me at all that France’s new president is cut from the same cloth as Canada’s matinee idol quisling Prime Minister Justin Bieber Trudeau.

But in keeping with my commitment to always see the silver lining, at least now our butt-hurt Hollywood celebrities have somewhere to go.

To Cher, Lena Dunham, Whoopie Goldberg and every other celebrity: Forget Canada.  Now that Obama’s little mini-me is President of France, head on over across the pond and make yourself at home.

Sure, there’s a downside.

After all, in Canada, you could still speak English.

Moving to France means having to learn their language.

But I wouldn’t worry about it.  Sure, you’d have to learn a whole new alphabet, but Arabic can’t be all that hard.  And I know how much you all love Islam. So you’ll fit right in.

If I were President Trump, I would call Macron, not to congratulate him, but to offer the deal of a lifetime.

He should tell Macron that America will take every French citizen who voted for Le Pen.  In exchange, we will send France all our Muslim refugees.

It’s a win/win.  Okay, sure, mostly for us, but still.

Knowing how easily the French surrender and given what a great deal maker Trump is, you know it could happen.

To sweeten the deal, President Trump can offer to to pay airfare to move both groups.  I think Macron would jump at it.

Let’s face it.

France is done. Over.  Finished.  Fini.

America was able to survive despite Barack Obama because we are resilient, stubborn and prone to fight back.

But France surrenders.

Macron will not only be the youngest President in the history of France; he may well also be the last.

This was a win for Islam and the Globalists of the EU.

But not for France.

As an added bonus, Merkel has just been assured that history won’t put Europe’s demise entirely on her.  Now she can share the blame with Macron.

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6 thoughts on “France Surrenders

  • May 7, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Ad from the back pages of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE magazine:
    “For sale, one vintage WW II French Infantry rifle. Like brand new. Only dropped once.”

    • May 7, 2017 at 11:39 pm

      Didn’t the French have the only tanks with back-up lights?

  • May 7, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    I am just disappointed for them. And for Europe entirely. They don’t even know why they should be, too.
    Am I shocked the little Prince with the mommy fixation won? Not really. Most of Europe doesn’t have that ” WHAT??? OH HELL NAAAAW” gene. Hungary does, and that’s why it has borders to keep out the lowlives. Le sigh… Have you seen the pictures of ‘the French’ lately? They look like a crowd of 3rd worlders who have never seen people riding buses and trains on the inside! The restauranteurs should throw sand on their dishes to make the newcomers feel at home.
    Bon Nuit, suckas.

  • May 8, 2017 at 11:37 am

    The French have missed an opportunity here. I see things from a somewhat different perspective as most, who now say thank god “the fascists” have been stopped – I believe most of those have no idea what a fascist even is. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot in France, Germany, Holland and the U.K. and have seen over the years how infrastructure is slowly eroding, parts of major cities turning into ghettos of despair, with so much unemployment, and elderly looking into waste bins for a bit of something to live off, because pensions are not enough, and that a large part of the youth have no chance of a “normal” form of employment etc. There’s nothing wrong for believing and wanting a party to be there for it’s own population, and showing those who don’t wish to abide by the laws and customs of their “host” country or who show no respect for others to take the consequences for their actions. An occasional “shake up” from the so called “norm” and an opening of eyes and minds to the harsh realities that prevail is healthy… Believing in “common sense” and old fashioned decency doesn’t classify one as a fascist. Humans seem only to learn after a very big tragedy occurs and never look in advance of the consequences of their choices & actions. Most unfortunate…. but that’s the way we are.

    • May 8, 2017 at 12:44 pm

      Who the hell says “Thank God the fascists were stopped?” The same people who call me a fascist? Screw them.

  • May 11, 2017 at 2:29 am

    Why the surprised look? The French have been making an art of the act of surrender since those days when the Vikings came shopping and looking for deals on vino. As Homer said: “The frogs? They’re nothing but a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys!” Er, uh, or something quite similar…

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