Fred Mertz and the Tweeting Teen: The House Judiciary Clown Show

House Judiciary Clown Show

The other day the clown show known as the House Judiciary Committee held a closed-door hearing with former Trump Administration staffer Hope Hicks.

The purpose?

Well, to rehash the Mueller Investigation because apparently the House Judiciary Committee is populated by idiots.

The Trump Administration cooperated fully with the Mueller team, but is refusing to allow former or current Executive branch staffer to cooperate with the House Judiciary Clown Show.

Why should they?

Everything Fred Mertz Nadler wants to know is available in the Mueller report.

These idiots aren’t paving new ground.  And they certainly don’t care about “justice” or “the truth.”

Come on.  They hold a closed-door hearing with Hope Hicks, but that imbecile Ted Lieu decides to live-tweet the whole thing to his slobbering Twitter fans?

These are not serious people.

Last night Nadler made public the transcript from this closed-door hearing.

And immediately, it became obvious that the House Judiciary Committee is run by a vindictive, sexist asshole.

Following @beyondreasdoubt on Twitter is so worth it.

Under her pseudonym Caroline Court, @beyondreasdoubt published a column at the Federalist titled “Jerry Nadler is a Sexist Pig Who Should be Censured by Congress.” And it is excellent.

From her column:

Her name is Hope Hicks. It practically rolls off the tongue. It’s not forgettable. And certainly not a name that one would confuse.

The level of disrespect by a congressman to an individual testifying before Congress is absolutely stunning. The blatant sexism Nadler displayed simply cannot be ignored.

To back up for a minute, Lewandowski is of course a reference to Corey Lewandowski, a former campaign manager for Donald Trump. In the now widely discredited book by noted hack Michael Wolff, Wolff claimed that Hicks and Lewandowski had an affair while Lewandowski was married.

Wolff made many outrageous claims in his book, including salacious and disgusting claims about U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Wolff is a con artist, who like many others, saw a way to make a dollar off the Trump presidency. While the book was CNN fodder for a period of time, any reputable outlet saw it for what it was: tabloid trash.

Yet this is how Fred Mertz Nadler chose to treat a witness before the House Judiciary Committee.

These Democrats are not serious people.  Worse still, they are vindictive, disrespectful smear-merchants who have absolutely zero interest in serving the people.

Hey, suburban women who handed the Democrats the majority in 2018, I was wondering something.

Is this what you voted for?

Do you want Congressional committees led by sweaty, sexist old men and snarky tweeting pre-teen idiots?

Grow up, you sanctimonious little shit. Can you believe Ted Lieu — this little wart in a suit — is an attorney?

Honestly, suburban women, is this what you expected when you decided to hand the Democrats the House?

Well, congratulations. Because it’s exactly what you got.

The Speaker is a doddering, incoherent old hag who can’t find her way to the end of a sentence if we handed her a map and a spotted her every syllable.

The House Judiciary Committee is a flat-out joke. And not just because its chair is a slimy worm who wears his pants hitched up to his man-boobs.

The “Intelligence” Committee is led by a guy who leaks so often to the press he may as well be dressed in a sieve.

The Oversight Committee is chaired by a man up to his Milk Dud head in his own ethics problems.

And that sputtering lunatic Maxine Waters chairs the Financial Services Committee.

I mean come on! These. Are. Not. Serious. Legislators.

I’m glad the Trump Administration is refusing to cooperate with these clowns.  And I’m also happy they’re showing the disrespectful House Judiciary Committee an equal portion of disrespect.

The Democrat House is far too busy making idiots of themselves to actually legislate or be about the people’s business.

So why on earth should they be permitted to continue as the majority?

Morons like Fred Mertz Nadler and Tweeting Ted will not be voted out.  In fact every member of the House Democrat leadership is from a deep blue safe seat. They’re never leaving office.

So the only way to make sure these clowns get stripped of their chairmanships is to vote out the Democrats who defeated incumbent Republicans in 2018. Those freshmen Democrats were elected as change agents. But their elections changed nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

They did manage to turn the House of Representatives into an absolute clown show.

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3 thoughts on “Fred Mertz and the Tweeting Teen: The House Judiciary Clown Show

  • June 21, 2019 at 10:13 am

    Fred Mertz! Perfect! Couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew I’d seen Nadler before…

  • June 21, 2019 at 11:14 am

    They don’t have to be serious legislators. They are there to push the agenda of the deep state puppet-masters, not do our work. They are safe in their seats and they know it so they are appointed to the chair these committees because they have work to do for their masters, and we the people aren’t those masters. They never hand off these committee chairs to any of the swing reps because those guys have to get results to get re-elected.

  • June 21, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    And the attempted coup continues…

    The absolute last things these turds care about is doing their actual jobs, it’s all about money & power.

    Yet their entire playbook consists of doubling & tripling down on the Orange Man Ban song & dance.

    They SUCK, they suck petrified dinosaur dung through a hypodermic a million lightyears long at a rate that would require scientific notation to express in cubic miles per second!

    That’s some serious sucking.

    Oh, & Fred Mertz could have mopped the floor with 2 Jerry Nadlers & 4 Ted Lieus at the same time on his worst day.

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