Get out of my sandbox!!!


One of the most discouraging things to emerge from this smear of Milo Yiannopoulos is this “get out of my sandbox” mentality.

There is a prevailing attitude I have seen coming from many on our side that because Milo is gay he shouldn’t be accepted by conservatives.

In fact, one commenter here at went so far as to accuse me of not being an “honest” or “authentic” Christian because I defended Milo.

I find that bizarre if you want to know the truth.

Part of that may be the fact that I do not view conservatism and Christianity as identical.

Conservatism is a set of principles, yes. But it is not my faith. Christianity is my faith.

But let’s examine this whole “get out of my sandbox” mentality from both the Christian standpoint and the conservative one.

Jesus hung around tax collectors and prostitutes.

In fact, it really infuriated those morality bean-counters known as the Pharisees. Those ideological purists followed after Jesus to catch him doing something they objected to in order to bust him on it.

And when they found him eating with tax collectors and prostitutes, they immediately tried to attack him for it.

Coincidentally, in a lot of the same ways those of us defending Milo are being attacked.

Jesus responded to them by saying “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” [Mark 2:17]

This desire to shun Milo and kick him out of our sandbox because he is gay sounds more like something the Pharisees would do.

As a Christian, I do believe that one has to repent to be saved. And since homosexuality is a sin, you gotta repent from it.

But we’re talking about the conservative/libertarian movement here, not the faith known as Christianity.

To believe that only Godly men and women can fight for Liberty and Individual sovereignty is just a wee bit narrow-minded, don’t you think?

Not all conservatives are Christians. That’s just a fact.

I can welcome Milo’s help in the fight against the Left while at the same time not approving of his homosexual lifestyle.

Because to me Conservatism is a set of principles. But Christianity is my faith. I don’t conflate the two.

While it is true that my Christian faith forms the basis for me being conservative, I think it’s nuts to believe that conservatism should reject everybody who isn’t a Christian.

I said in my column The Big Tent, that if I wanted to be the type of person who thinks, “you can’t play in my sandbox unless you are exactly like me,” I’d still be a Liberal.

Liberalism is a religion. I’ve been saying that for years. You must hold fast to all the tenets of Liberalism or you will be ostracized.

Which is precisely why pro-life women were not permitted to march in the so-called “Women’s March” last month.

I rejected this lock-step mentality over a decade ago and that why I am no longer a Liberal.

Conservatism is about Liberty, Freedom, Individual Sovereignty. These principles fly in the face of lock-step behavior and thinking.

In America today, there is a war waging between the Institutional Left and those of us who love Liberty. Do you really want to reject allies simply because they are not in lock-step with you?

Let me ask you a question.

Let’s say you were attacked on the street and were fighting for your life. If the only person who came to your aid was a flamboyant, outspoken, potty-mouthed gay man, would you refuse his help?

Would you say to him, “Thanks, but I’d rather get beaten to a bloody pulp than have a degenerate pervert like you come to my aid?”

Though he may not be in thinking and behavior exactly like me, why would I refuse Milo’s help in defeating the destructive ideology of the Left?

Yet many on our side want to refuse his help.

He doesn’t belong in our sandbox after all. He’s gay and swishy, therefore we should shun him.

I’ve seen comments to that effect on Facebook, here at Patriot Retort and other conservative sites. And honestly, I’m stunned by it.

Do we really want to hold the position that you can only fight for Liberty and Freedom if you think exactly the same as us and hold to the same faith?

Conservatism isn’t a faith. It isn’t a church.

Rather, it is a set of principles based on the ideals of limited self-government, Freedom, and individual sovereignty.

If we really decide to create a litmus test that only the most godly and virtuous among us can be a part of this movement, how is that productive?

And where do we draw the line?

Do we declare that anyone who has sex outside of marriage should also get out of our sandbox?

And since many Jews do not accept Jesus as Savior, should we give them the heave-ho as well?

How about atheists and agnostics? Should we take away their bucket and shovel and tell them to hit the bricks?

If the conservative movement becomes a club only for people who are sinless and pure, nobody will be a member.

This whole “Get out of my sandbox” mentality is sanctimonious and self-defeating.

Are we or are we not trying to preserve and protect this nation as founded?

Is that not our goal?

I see in Milo Yiannopoulos a man who loves this country and wants to join that fight.

And like every single one of us, he is imperfect. He is flawed.

To not only refuse his help, but to actively seek to drive him out seems so wrong-headed and counter-productive to me.

Not to mention, all this infighting and sniping will not help us win this war against the Left.

And speaking as a Christian, I would much rather follow the example of Jesus than the example set by the Pharisees.

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9 thoughts on “Get out of my sandbox!!!

  • February 22, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Thank you for your honesty! I read and tweet your column every day. I am Christian too and you are exactly right about Milo. Keep writing and be well!

  • February 22, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Thank you! Finally the words I need to explain my position of why I support Milo. Christianity and Conservatism are not mutually exclusive.

  • February 22, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    While I have VERY different values as regards his sexuality and am quite uncomfortable when he talks about his boyfriends, I am nonetheless thrilled to have Milo out there advocating for Conservative/Libertarian principles – especially on college campuses. A gay Conservative seems such a conundrum that he has gotten a lot of our indoctrinated youth to re-evaluate many of their preconceived notions. I watched most of the videos from his Dangerous Faggot tour and he was reaching those kids in a way we Tea Partiers never could. Instead of stodgy three-cornered hat wearing old folks talking about the Constitution in a way they could never relate to, Milo is bold, funny, outrageous & cool. He makes our core principles of individuality, freedom and personal responsibility attractive to people who might not otherwise be receptive to them, and shows just how regressive and totalitarian the collectivists of the tolerance crowd are. I look forward to his reappearance on the scene.

    • February 22, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      I have to applaud John’s views. i couldn’t agree more. i still listen to Milo’s podcasts and commended him in being brave enough to bare those bastions of free speech- college campi. Something I could never do. Thank-you Dyanny AND Milo.

  • February 22, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Dianny, spot on. Milo , keep speaking the truth.

  • February 22, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    I think they knew he was gay when they invited him to speak at cpac. I thought the problem was his flippant defense of pedophilia

    • February 22, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      This isn’t in response to CPAC as is clear from the column. This is in response to comments and remarks from conservatives on both Facebook and conservative blogs. Seriously man. Did you not notice that CPAC is not mentioned once?

  • February 23, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    The religious right have assumed they are the ‘moral compass’ for the GOP. Unfortunately, their assertions of what is right or wrong have been tagged to the republican party as a whole. I for one can say that the religious right do not speak for me nor do they represent my personal values.

    Milo is an example of why we as republicans need to keep the religious right out of our party policy decisions and not let them ‘speak for the party’. Milo represents a large faction of voters who are willing to consider our party but they will not if it is believed that there is some sort of ‘litmus test’ that everyone must pass.

    The religious right want everyone to be heterosexual, married, no abortion, and always faithful in order to be considered ‘worthy’ of their acceptance. In 1950 that might have been possible. Today, society has diversified a lot since 1950 and one huge taboo is judging people solely based on their life choices. Being exclusive instead of inclusive is a death knell for the GOP.

    As far as I am concerned, I applaud anyone who is willing to support a constitutional and rights based agenda. Gender, sexual preference married or not, single parent or not, should not have any bearing on how we treat people who want to support what we do. I also believe that what goes on in your private life is yours to deal with and none of my business.

    It is sad that Milo has been dropped as it was a real chance to show that the republican party is open to young people as they are and not asking them to be clones of their parents. This was a fantastic opportunity to grow the party and it has been missed.

    The forces of darkness are upon us and they would love to bury us with our own words and actions and this situation has given them fodder that I really wish they did not have. Actions like this just prove what the other side says about conservatives that we are narrow minded and unwilling to accept people who represent a minority as a part of society.

    We, conservatives, are much better than this.

  • February 23, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Bill Maher is atheist and seems to condone pedophilia. The Left wants him in their corner and never speaks of his “imperfections.”
    For that matter they never speak of anyone’s imperfections who are in their corner. It is what they embrace, the twisted nature of the liberal mind. It’s that very nature which is malleable and conforming. Conservatism takes a strong will and critical thinking to triumph over the tyranny of group think. Milo got stuck between critical thinking and imperfection, and the self-righteous right didn’t know how to proceed.
    He was already making headlines. They could’ve used his fame or infamy as a great tool for not only what is just, but for changing mindsets of younger people who may have assumed they were home with the cosseting imperfect left.

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