Goebbels Speaks

Goebbels Speaks

White House Press Secretary Josh Goebbels Earnest actually had the audacity to blame the murder of a San Francisco woman by a 5-time deported illegal alien on the Republicans in Congress.

“The fact is that the president has done everything within his power to make sure that we are focusing our law enforcement resources on criminals and those who pose a threat to public safety and it’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that we’d like to make in securing our border and keeping our community safe.”

You know, I sure hope Josh wears asbestos boxer shorts to protect him every time his pants ignite into flames.

Isn’t ironic?

When the State of Arizona chose to actually enforce existing immigration laws because the Federal Government under Obama was ignoring them, the Obama Administration took Arizona to court claiming that Arizona did not have a right to protect itself from the flood of criminal illegals that were pouring into the state because the Federal Government alone can act on immigration policy.

Sadly, the Supreme Court agreed.

But, cities like San Francisco defy Federal immigration laws in making themselves “Sanctuary Cities,” and the Federal Government does nothing.

Nobody took San Francisco to court and demanded that they stop making their own immigration policies because only the Federal Government can do that.

Nobody said boo.

Mostly because Obama doesn’t have a problem with illegals being able to live in the US without fear of arrest or deportation.

And this is precisely why this brutal animal who killed that young woman chose to live in San Francisco.

For Josh Goebbels Earnest to blame Republicans in Congress for his President’s complicity in “sanctuary cities” is beneath contempt.

Obama is trying to make the entirety of the United States a Sanctuary Country.

Now, trust me. I don’t exactly absolve the Republicans in Congress. Despite the overwhelming demand from the people that they stop this flood of illegals and secure our Southern border, they still work tirelessly behind closed doors to advance Obama’s immigration agenda. They willingly funded his unconstitutional Executive Amnesty.

Their hands are not clean in this.

But for Josh Goebbels Earnest to claim that this President has done “everything within his power” to secure our border and enforce the law is not only a flat-out lie, but a lie so transparent in its dishonesty, Earnest is either deeply stupid or holds every American citizen in utter contempt.

[hat tip Breitbart]

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