Good grief, Joe even lies about baseball!

Good grief, Joe even lies about baseball!

Is there nothing Joe Biden won’t lie about? He lied about his acts of derring-do in Afghanistan while pinning a medal on a soldier under enemy fire. He lied about being a college professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He lied about getting arrested by South African police while trying to visit Nelson Mandela, for crap’s sake. And now he’s lying about what a great baseball player he is.

I mean, is there nothing sacred? Does Joe Biden even have to ruin baseball with his lies?

Of course the biggest and most consequential lie Joe told was last August when he asked Pennsylvania voters “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for crime?” But technically, that wasn’t the lie. It’s the fact that he expected the answer to be “No, not at all, Joe” that was a bald-faced lie — as we well enough know today.


I was super busy yesterday trying to catch up on chores, so I missed this particular story until I saw it this morning over at Ace of Spades. I love Ace. Here’s how he titled it “Grampa Cottonhead Claims That He Hit a 368 Foot Shot in Major League Baseball Stadium.”

“Grampa Cottonhead.” God bless Ace. He’s hilarious.

See, Joe played host to the Los Angeles Dodgers last week. And since those guys are a baseball team, Joe had a tailor-made baseball lie just for the occasion.

Joe told the assembled Dodgers that while playing in his second congressional baseball game, he hit a single so dang hard, it went 368 feet and was almost a homer.

In reality, Joe went zero for two at bats in his second congressional baseball game – one strike-out and a ground-out.

But why toss one lie at them when two is better?

In addition to claiming he made this ah-mazing 368 foot hit, Joe also claimed that this ah-mazing moment in baseball history happened at RFK Stadium in DC. Only the game was played at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The last game at RFK stadium was the year before Joe even entered office.

Giving Biden the benefit of the doubt, the RNC’s Zach Parkinson checked to see if perhaps Joe just mixed up his years and meant his first congressional baseball game or possibly his third congressional baseball game. So Parkinson checked the reports and discovered that in his first game, Joe went one for two, while for his third, Joe got stuck in traffic and only arrived in time to play in the last inning.

When Politico reported that the Zach Parkinson had fact-checked Biden’s baseball lies, they suggested that it was unclear if one of the other games was the one where Biden hit this supposed bomb, adding, “But the contemporaneous newspaper account says nothing of it.”

That’s because he lied guys. You know, like how he lies about every single (*cough*CORNPOP*) anecdote that stomps through his head.

I’ve said before that I’m convinced that Joe’s mind is so far gone, he can no longer separate fact from fiction. Somewhere up in that fetid stew he calls a brain, his biographical tall tales have co-mingled biographical reality, and darn if he can’t tell them apart anymore.

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