Good Morning America: Look how celebrities suffer

Good Morning America: Look how celebrities suffer

For those of you who lost businesses and jobs thanks to panicky, power-mad governors and mayors, Good Morning America is there in a pinch to put things into perspective.

You think you have it rough this Christmastime?


It’s celebrities who are really suffering during the Wuhan panic. They’re sacrificing so much, the poor souls.

You see, according to Good Morning America, celebrities are biting the bullet and “avoiding exotic vacations and holiday parties.”

The poor souls. How will they ever survive such terrible sacrifices?

But with the resolve of a paratrooper surrounded by Germans during the Battle of the Bulge, these noble celebrities are saying “Nuts!” to COVID while finding ways to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Don’t you feel inspired?!

More to the point, don’t you feel ashamed of yourselves for whining about losing your job, your business and your savings?

I mean, if Chrissy Teigen can find the time to capture “the adorable moment Santa visited her kids,” why can’t you make do without a job, you ungrateful babies!

If Kerry Washington can spend “a late night decking the halls with a Christmas sweater honoring the vice president-elect and eating cookies,” what’s your excuse for being so glum?

Do you have any idea what a hard life Chrissy and Kerry have?!

And yet they still find the cheer, unlike you ungrateful little shits!

We all know why Good Morning America would air such a stupid segment.

Like pretty much everyone else in the media and political elite, Good Morning America thinks we obedient sheep can be swayed into obeying our COVID Overlords if only they use celebrities to sell their propaganda.

But the fact is, Good Morning America isn’t very good at reading the room.

Does GMA actually think the “Celebrities are sacrificing their exotic vacations! You should sacrifice too!” propaganda is a winning message?

You’d think a show with “America” in its name would have a better grasp of what’s going on in America.

If you want to guilt Americans struggling to make ends meet into obeying Wuhan panic lockdowns during the holidays, the last thing you should do is use wealthy celebrities sacrificing their exotic vacations to push your propaganda.

In World War Two, celebrities put their careers on hold to enlist in the military. Clark Gable joined the US Army Air Corps – as did Jimmy Stewart. Now, that’s actually sacrificing for the good of the nation. Forgoing a fancy pants exotic vacation (and enjoying a little PR from Good Morning America) — while Americans are losing their jobs, businesses and homes — is not.

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3 thoughts on “Good Morning America: Look how celebrities suffer

  • December 26, 2020 at 9:40 am

    When its crying tine again ,,,

  • December 26, 2020 at 9:41 am

    They will feel much better when their democrat friends take over and crush all the lowly working people who do not worship at the altar of gay rights and racial equality.

  • December 26, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    Are they actually incapable of being embarrassed? What perfect Leftists they make – Ignorant, Narcissistic, and Stupid.

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