This has got to be the stupidest idea ever

Stupidest idea

Trigger Warning: If you clicked on this link expecting to read an objective news story, you might want to leave now. This is a site for conservative commentary and satire. It is not safe for special snowflakes. Retreat to one of your #NeverTrump safe spaces post-haste.

I have spent nearly four years commenting on the stupidity and flagrant bias of the Enslaved Press. Part of that requires me to actually suffer through articles written at the most biased of “news” sites: Politico, CNN, the New York Times, and (heaven help me) even Salon.

I suffer through it so you don’t have to.

This election season, I also had to add visiting ostensibly “conservative” websites that are hell bent on destroying the Republican nominee even if that means letting that felonious, venal hag Hillary Clinton win in November.

Today, in my journey through the #NeverTrump backstabbers, I saw what has to be the stupidest idea in the history of the universe.

King of the #NeverTrump movement — Erick Erickson — has written a column demanding Donald Trump drop out of the race and make way for his running mate Mike Pence to be the Republican nominee.

Why? Because only then can Republicans win.

In other news, bleeding someone through the use of leeches will cure just about anything that ails you.

Sixty-three days until the election and Erickson thinks completely upending the campaign is the only chance Republicans have of winning the election.

Let me cite a little Isaac Newton:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Forcing Trump to drop out and replacing him with Mike Pence will not happen in a vacuum.

There will be an immediate “equal and opposite reaction” to something so mind-numbingly stupid.

The turmoil, confusion and outrage that would erupt would not put the Republicans in a better position.

It would be tantamount to yanking the foundation out from under a twelve story building.

Look, I get that the #NeverTrump people hate Donald Trump so deeply that they have lost all reason.

But to actually believe that pulling this kind of last-minute switcheroo would be beneficial isn’t just cutting off your nose to spite your face.

It’s pointing a gun at your head and blowing a friggin’ hole in it.

The irony is the #NeverTrump people are outraged that (in their opinion) Donald Trump is not targeting Hillary Clinton, but instead “attacking” people on his side.

You know, like Jeff Flake — the Arizona Senator who is refusing to support Trump (how that makes him on Trump’s side, I will never know).

Erickson is especially upset about Trump criticizing Flake. He brings it up in this particular column as Exhibit A of why Trump is all wrong

Of course, it didn’t bother Erickson that Flake was attacking Trump rather than attacking Hillary.

And that’s the irony.

Erickson, like most of the #NeverTrump movement, is busy attacking the Republican nominee rather than focusing all his time and attention on defeating Hillary Clinton.

I’ve been watching Donald Trump’s campaign speeches over the last several weeks. He hammers Hillary Clinton like her staff hammers her old BlackBerries.

Maybe Erick’s hatred of Trump is keeping him from actually listening to Trump’s campaign speeches and events. That would explain why he is unaware that Hillary Clinton takes a beating from the guy.

But wait! There’s even more irony!

If, as Erickson suggests, Trump were to drop out and Pence take his place, the media firestorm would drown out everything else — including all of Hillary Clinton’s mounting scandals. The very thing Erickson accuses Trump of doing — taking the focus away from Hillary — is the very thing this stupid idea would do.

Nobody would pay attention to anything else. It would be 24/7 reporting on “how will this effect the election?” and “what does Trump think of what’s happened?” The Enslaved Press would be like piranhas in a feeding frenzy.

In the end, on November 8, with the party in turmoil and the Enslaved Press gleefully reveling in the mess, Hillary Clinton will skate to easy victory.

Erickson is convinced Trump is trying to get Hillary elected. And that’s just another example of irony for you.

In the closing of his stupid column, Erickson asks, if Trump were trying to get Hillary elected, what would he be doing differently? Then he answers: nothing.


I guess that’s what happens when you really aren’t paying attention to Trump on the campaign trail.

Let me ask you something. If Erick Erickson were trying to get Hillary elected, what would he be doing differently?

Answer: Not a damn thing.

Only someone who wants Hillary Clinton to win would be advocating for throwing the entire Republican ticket into turmoil 63 days before the election.

Honestly. There’s stupid and then there’s really, really stupid.

And looking to replace Trump at the top of the ticket now is the stupidest idea ever.

I don’t know how many times I need to mention this, but if you’ve been reading Patriot Retort with any regularity over the last 18 months, you know that I was really hard on Donald Trump. I didn’t hold back.

The truth is, after he secured the nomination, I only chose to support him because I want to do everything humanly possible to prevent Hillary Clinton from ever stepping foot into the White House.

But over the last six weeks, my support for Trump has gone from the grudging “he’s not Hillary” to an enthusiastic “this guy would be one hell of a President.”

For all the wet blankets from Team Eeyore who piss and moan that Trump isn’t trying to bring conservatives into the fold, obviously he is doing something to bring us in.

Because he won me over. And I’m not alone.

(I know. I know. They’ll just sputter, “Well, you’re not a true conservative!”)

I have watched Donald Trump hammering the issues, standing firmly in the face of strong opposition, working tirelessly on the campaign trail, and battering Hillary day after day.

And I’m sold.

Mike Pence is a great guy and a solid conservative. He will be a phenomenal vice President and will one day be an equally phenomenal president.

But to believe that 63 days before the election, shoving Trump out of the way and pulling Pence off the bench will somehow translate into a landslide win for the Republicans is nothing short of delusional — not to mention suicidal.

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10 thoughts on “This has got to be the stupidest idea ever

  • September 6, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    The Gypsy says, Trump in a landslide then MSM is going to crash and burn. OTOH Grunt Johnson at Home Land Security might throw the whole thing the other way. Gypsy still says Trump.

    Thank you for reading that trash so we don’t have to. I listen to NPR so you don’t have to. It’s wall to wall hate Trump love Hillary with a vengeance.

  • September 6, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    That sure looks like a Trump Supporter’s gun. Nothing says you’re fighting the destruction caused by liberalism like voting for a lifelong liberal.

    Thanks for the hits, “Real Conservative” AKA All Facts Matter AKA Eeyore. You are helping increase my Alexa ranking with every snotty, petulant visit! Your faithful readership only helps increase my popularity! — Dianny

    • September 7, 2016 at 10:23 am

      Nice attempt to deflect.
      Typical liberal behavior.

      Not shocked. Next I suppose you’ll say you now support Trump’s statement that the US lax gun laws are to blame for the rise of the Mexican Cartel…. Anything to support Trump, even if that means becoming the very thing you say you despise, right? smh

      I figured you’d reply w/ some dumb comment not addressing the point which is why I checked back in. Enjoy your long awaited excuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because her clone ran in the GOP.

      • September 7, 2016 at 12:12 pm

        Actually, typical Liberal behavior is repeatedly returning to a website you despise just so you can get worked up into a lather. You never disappoint.

  • September 6, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    Thank you, Dianny, for wading through the # NeverTrump fever swamp so we don’t have to. There is some kind of group mental illness going on with those people. Have you had a chance to dive down the #NeverTrump Gary Johnson rabbit hole yet? I don’t recommend it unless you have a strong antidote to crazysauce handy.

  • September 7, 2016 at 12:01 am

    Great rant and on point. I think the all facts matter troll is off its meds

  • September 7, 2016 at 6:33 am

    As stated in previous posts, I will vote for Trump as a far more benign option then the Witch of Westchester, although I still cannot muster the enthusiasm you have. Erickson’s Trump attacks are just as bad as Coulter’s blind cheer leading – they’re both hacks.

    My past arguments for not whole-heartedly supporting The Donald have been that I don’t believe he represents my conservative principles, but as Dennis Prager so succinctly put it,

    I cannot speak for all conservatives who are voting for Trump, but I can speak for many in making this assertion: We have the same principles as the #NeverTrumpers, especially those of us who strongly opposed nominating Trump. That’s why we opposed him, after all. Almost everything that prevents #NeverTrumpers from voting for Trump also troubled us about the candidate. (I should note that some of us are less troubled today.)

    So where do we differ?

    We differ on this: We hold that defeating Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the left is also a principle. And that it is the greater principle.

    • September 7, 2016 at 1:12 pm

      Gaultcsa – Prager has some good points, but for you I would suggest 2 additional principles.
      1. Stop misrepresenting your objections as being about ‘principles’, when it’s really about your personal ‘judgment’ and ‘trust’ that a particular candidate means what he says about those principles.
      2. Stop dishonestly calling people with honest opinions “blind cheerleaders, hacks and shills.” Coulter, like many writers, has worked hard to state the reasons for her support of Trump, including writing an entire book, many reasoned articles and done countless personal interviews. None of these were merely regurgitation of talking points like you would expect from a Hillary supporter who literally has no facts to support his position – by definition.

      • September 8, 2016 at 8:00 am

        Dear Grunt. Although, As I said, I will be forced to vote for Trump, it’s quite a stretch for you or anyone else to show how he has stood up and fought for Constitutional conservatism throughout his life. In fact, throughout most of his 70 years he has done the opposite, but I won’t get into it here. As for calling Coulter a hack, it has nothing to do with her current infatuation with the Donald. She used to be someone who’s work I enjoyed, but lost all credibility for me when she began journalistically fellating the RINO from NJ, Fat-Fattie years ago and continued doing so for Romney & now Trump.

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