Government-Sanctioned Looting

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake got to bragging the other day.

Why she is just so proud of the fact that Baltimore’s rioting and looting lasted “only a few hours.” [Hat tip The Conservative Treehouse]

Well, whoopdee doo!

Steph is so puffed up over that, she said, “There’s a lot of cities that would love to have that record.”

Personally, if I were mayor of a city, I would prefer to hold the record for “never having had looting and rioting.”

But that’s me.

Democrats are experts at lowering the bar.

“Was there looting and rioting, dear?”

“Yes, but it only lasted a few hours.”

“Well, Hallelujah!”

If Stephanie were telling the truth, which, of course we know she’s not since CNN never let the cameras stop rolling during the Baltimore riots, one can’t help but wonder how it was possible for the millions upon millions of dollars in damages to have been done in such a short amount time.

Is that something a lot of cities would love to have a record in?

“The rioting and looting only lasted a few hours, but look at all the damage they did! Now that is some well-organized and streamlined rioting!”

No wonder one of her constituents dumped water on her head.

But, the truth is, compared to Obama, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is small potatoes.

The rioting and looting of the United States has been going on for over six years.

Barack Obama has granted space to destroy the very nation he took an oath to protect and defend.

We have been living through government-sanctioned looting.

Looting of our jobs, our savings, our livelihoods, our communities, our military.

Obama and his army of Marxists have cut a path of ruin behind them as they’ve torn this nation apart. They’ve thrown the Big Government-version of a Molotov Cocktail into the nation and are picking through the rubble in order to extract every last thing of value.

Government-Sanctioned Looting

He looks on your existence with greedy, covetous eyes.

It isn’t fair that you have savings, retirement, a nice home, a good education, a career.

So he wants to take it.

He wants to rip it from you and pass it out to his fellow looters.

And he’s not done.

He’s going to loot your neighborhoods.

He’s finding ways to loot your retirement accounts.

He is growing the ranks of the rioters by inviting illegal alien criminals to join the fun. And, if he gets his way, he’ll fling open the gates of prisons and dump God knows how many “non-violent offenders” on an unsuspecting public as well.

Obama is the biggest thug to ever walk free in this country.

He has earned nothing in his miserable life, but he’s gotten very good a extracting from others everything he could possibly desire.

He is a one-man wrecking ball.

And nothing is safe.

Not your homes, your neighborhoods, your schools, your doctor’s offices.

To make matter worse, he’s doing everything he can to disarm you so that you have no defense against this government-sanctioned looting.

He is stealing your personal data, not by rooting around in your garbage can, but by compiling database after database on all your most private information — your health records, your credit records, everything.

And because he’s a clumsy, inept little thief, these databases won’t be secure. So foreign countries like China, who have already stolen the personal data of millions of government employees will be able to hack into those databases of your personal information in a heartbeat, further tearing your life apart.

He’s knocked down the walls protecting us from foreign nationals who want to come into this country and kills us.

No rioters in Baltimore could have dreamed of making this kind of mess and stealing this kind of wealth.

And, like the thugs in Ferguson and Baltimore, he is doing it all under the guise of “social justice.”

But this isn’t about “justice.” This is about stealing. This is government-sanctioned looting.

This is Obama’s way of exacting revenge — punishing those of you who worked hard your whole lives to earn a little money, buy a nice home, move your families into nice neighborhoods and live a peaceful life.

Just like the looters in Baltimore and Ferguson, he despises you and wants to make you pay.

Not because you are guilty of anything. But because he is a vindictive, jealous, grasping, envious dirt-bag so obsessed with counting other people’s money and other people’s property.

And he is using the power of the Federal government to take as much of it as he can all the while claiming he is pursuing “justice” and “fairness.”

But strip away the lies and call it what it is.

Government-sanctioned looting.

And when he’s done, the damage will be indescribable. The lives ruined. The communities destroyed. The amount of money and property devoured incalculable.

Baltimore will be but a tiny speck by comparison.

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