Governor Cuochul

Governor Cuochul

Here we go again. A new variant of COVID was found in South Africa and once again New Yorkers are being led by a dictatorial, reactionary governor who immediately starts issuing emergency orders. Governor Cuomo. Governor Hochul. Same diff. Let’s just call her Governor Cuochul.

Now, if you live in New York, you knew that Kathy Hochul wouldn’t be an improvement over the grandma-killing asshole who preceded her.

And you can call me a sexist if you want, but I knew Hochul would be worse than Cuomo because Kathy is a Democrat woman. Democrat women govern the same way they drive. One minute they’re reckless, the next tentative. They’re easily distracted. And when they get spooked, they tend to overreact.

In short, Kathy Hochul is Gretchen Whitmer in a “Vaxed” necklace.

Plus, without Donald Trump in the White House, Governor Cuochul doesn’t have the added benefit of a fawning media fluffing her ego and turning her into a superstar just to make the President look bad.

Yesterday, in response to a few cases of the omicron strain of COVID all the way over in South Africa, Governor Cuochul ordered hospitals to stop doing elective surgeries. See, New York hospitals are suffering from staffing shortages.

Why do we have staffing shortages?

Because Governor Cuochul ordered hospital workers to get vaccinated or they’ll be fired. Kathy created the staffing shortage and now, thanks to her previous executive order, she has to crank out another executive order to deal with the shortages her initial executive order caused.

My guess is Governor Cuochul will bring Andrew’s statewide mask mandate back pretty soon.

She’ll redefine “fully vaccinated” to mean only the people who got a booster shot.

Then schools and small businesses will be ordered to close.

And the whole shit-show will start all over again.

I’d like to be wrong, but I suspect I’m not.

Governor Cuochul is a woman and a Democrat which is just another way of saying she confuses panicked, bossy overreaction for leadership.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Cuochul

  • November 27, 2021 at 10:58 am

    We all know that this “pandemic” panic will never end. Every real and made up variant will cause new rounds of lockdowns and endless cycles of booster shots every 6 months. This is either the way it was planned OR the powers that be have taken advantage of the crisis to ensure permanent lockdowns and control. Look for martial law to break out in Dem-run states.

  • November 27, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    Why would Tony Fauci want another variant? (leading question…)

  • November 28, 2021 at 10:06 am

    The day he shut Illinois down I said governor Lardass would never let go. He dropped the mask mandate for a month or so last spring then popped up to exclaim cases were up….put ’em back on! I think he probably was bullied at whatever private school the son of billionaires went to for being a fat pig so now he’s taken to bullying an entire state. They even have OSHA to enforce these blatantly illegal rules. Any company with more than 100 employees must have their shots plus a booster by Jan 6. or they’ll not be allowed to work, or the company will be fined $14,000 per incident. It’s called extortion and that’s how democrats roll.

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