Grandpa makes it official: It’s Basement Time Again!

Grandpa makes it official: It's Basement Time Again!

As I was tap-tap-tapping away about Tucker Carlson getting fired over Nancy Pelosi’s cleavage, Grandpa Biden released a video announcing that he is officially launching his second run from the basement in 2024.

Yup. Joe Biden is hoping Republicans are as senile as he is and will nominate Donald Trump again so Grandpa can once again glide to victory in 2024.

Well, he’s doing more than just hoping, isn’t he?

Grandpa Joe and his team are counting on the Democrats and their media handmaids to pull out all the stops during the Republican primaries to make damn sure Trump is the nominee so the octogenarian Biden doesn’t have to leave the basement to campaign.

They tested the waters for this kind of campaign approach during the 2022 Midterms, helping to promote completely awful Republican candidates in the primaries so their guys would face a dud in the general. Trust me. They plan to do that on a presidential scale in 2024.

Recent polling shows the deeply unpopular Biden beating Trump in swing states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And I’m guessing Team Biden figures that all they have to do is keep old Joe in the basement while giving Trump all the rope he needs to hang himself, and Joe will come out smelling like freshly mowed grass on Election night.

Hey, it worked last time!

Of course, there are a few problems with this plan.

First of all, Joe is the sitting president of the United States. And right now, the economy sucks, wages can’t keep up with inflation, and America is facing threats from China and another World War in Europe.

Meanwhile, Grandpa’s administration is focused like a laser on being able to surgically mutilate children while leaving law-abiding people bankrupt and defenseless.

On top of that, despite the efforts of the media and Democrat-aligned PACs, there’s no guarantee that Basement Joe will be facing Donald Trump again in the General Election.

Over the weekend, NBC News released a new poll that found the majority of voters don’t want either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to be the nominees in 2024.

A staggering 70% of respondents think Grandpa should just stay in the basement completely, including 51% of Democrats. The primary reason? Dude’s too old.

Meanwhile, 60% of respondents want Donald Trump to remain at Mar-a-Lago, including a third of Republican voters.

And while several polls have shown Biden beating Trump in crucial swing states, Biden is losing to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in those same swing state polls.

If DeSantis is the GOP nominee, Grandpa won’t be able to use the same basement strategy in 2024 that he used in 2020.

Unlike Trump, DeSantis, with his very presence, puts a big old spotlight on Grandpa’s advancing age. All he has to do is show up looking 35 years younger than old Joe and DeSantis will immediately have the advantage.

In the same NBC News poll, a generic Republican tops the octogenarian basement-dweller 47% to 41%. And if that Republican is 35 years younger and completely immune to partisan media bed-wetting, the last thing old Joe can do is hide in his basement and let the media campaign for him.

Biden will have to get out there and fight to keep the job, meaning he’ll have to defend the disaster at the border, the disastrous economy, his dictatorial COVID mandates, and the wack-a-doodle far-Left “woke” nonsense pushed by his administration. And he just doesn’t have the mental acuity to do that, which may explain why Joe is hoping like hell that Trump is the nominee.

According to the NBC News poll, while Grandpa has a net approval rating of negative 10%, Trump’s net approval is negative 19%.

In short, with Trump as the nominee, the same conditions from 2020 will apply in 2024. Despite the majority of Americans wanting Joe Biden to take a hike, they will likely still vote for him because they hate Trump more.

And before you suggest that Biden may not survive the Democrat primary, you should know that the DNC has already hobbled any potential challenge. There will be no Democrat primary debates in 2024. Not one. The media isn’t going to promote long-shot candidates like Marianne Williamson or Robert Kennedy Jr. They won’t have time. They’ll be way too busy promoting Donald Trump by attacking DeSantis or any other viable GOP alternative.

As it stands now, Biden will glide to the nomination like a greased pig.

And as much as voters do not want Joe Biden for another four years, if Trump is the Republican nominee, they’ll crawl over broken glass to vote for the decrepit, senile old coot just to keep Trump out of the White House.

We’re still 10 months away from the first voters going to the polls in the primaries. A hell of a lot can happen between now and then. So while the media and the Democrats already have Donald Trump winning the nomination in 2024, it’s way too early to make such confident proclamations.

The other day, one of the guys I follow on Twitter posted an April 2007 Democrat primary poll from Cook Political Report.

If you recall, then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton was the odds-on favorite to win the 2008 Democrat nomination. She was a fait accompli, a shoo-in. She had it in the bag.

In the April 2007 poll, Hillary was leading the pack with 41% support, followed by former Democrat Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards at 19%. The eventual 2008 nominee, Barack Obama, came in third with only 17%.

In fact, even in November 2007, just three months before the Iowa caucus, a Gallup poll showed Hillary with a 27-point lead over Barack Obama.

See what I mean?

Believing the current GOP primary polling that shows Trump way out in the lead is silly.

It’s downright nutty to think that in April 2023 we can definitively declare Donald Trump the de facto nominee. It makes sense why the media is pushing this narrative. They want Trump because they believe Trump is the one Republican that the deeply unpopular Joe Biden can beat like a drum without even leaving his basement. And why shouldn’t they believe it? That’s precisely what happened last time.

In 2024, victory will be ours for the taking, so long as we’re smart enough not to play into the hands of the media and snatch defeat from the jaws of that victory by nominating the wrong guy.

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