Guest Post: Circus

Happy to have Disloyal Subject back. Here’s her take on the circus Obama has created surrounding Pope Francis’ visit to Washington.

And trust me. It is a circus.

I’ve said before, Obama has never outgrown his radical college Marxism. He believes in “getting in their faces.” And he doesn’t care about propriety or respect. His decision to populate this White House reception with fringe kooks and sexual deviants reminds me of a college girl who decides to rattle her family at Christmas dinner by bringing her Goth atheist boyfriend and proceeding to mock Christianity in front of her horrified relatives.

Just to get a rise out of them and make them feel awkward.

Obama is deliberately creating a circus as a way to poke Catholics in the eye. It’s the same motivation that gave us a White House illuminated in the rainbow flag. It’s the same motivation that inspired his pick for Secretary of the Army.

Obama never tires of sticking it to the Judeo-Christian culture of this country.

Even if that means creating a circus around a Pope’s visit. And Disloyal Subject hits the nail on the head with this image:

Circus 01

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  • September 23, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Please change electic to eclectic…so I can use in my cartoon thread. Thanks.

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