Gullible Westerners: The target of Hamas Propaganda

Gullible Westerners: The target of Hamas’ Propaganda

Sure Islamists despise the West. They hate our traditions, our history, our heritage, and our liberties. But if there is one thing Islamists love, love, LOVE about the West it’s those incredibly gullible Westerners.

Those driven-by-emotions gullible Westerners who tear up when they see an animal rescue commercial with Sarah McLachlan warbling in the background.

The gullible Westerners who place a Black Lives Matter lawn sign in front of their home blissfully unaware that BLM is a Marxist organization committed to the destruction of the family.

These are the people that are the target of the Hamas propaganda war.

And like clockwork, gullible Westerners fall for it every single time.

Hamas uses innocent Palestinians as cannon fodder and human shields. And when these innocents get killed, the fools in the west clutch their pearls and rage at Israel for “murdering innocent Palestinians.”

Hamas uses words like “oppressor” because it knows gullible Westerners steeped in PC nonsense will gobble it up with a spoon.

You think terror organizations don’t notice when American politicians signal their weakness by kneeling in solidarity with Black Lives Matter like pathetic, groveling supplicants?

Gullible Westerners - Biden kneeling
Gullible Westerners - Democrats kneeling

They know exactly how to exploit the West’s soft underbelly of political correctness and feelings-driven collective guilt.

And all the usual suspects fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Including Kamala Harris’ gullible niece Meena – the girl famous for making herself famous off her aunt’s famous name.

Meena Harris joined the chorus of gullible Westerners using her Instagram account to accuse Israel of “apartheid” and referring to America’s ally as an “oppressor.”

The only oppressor of Palestinians in Gaza is Hamas. Hamas puts innocent Palestinians’ lives in harm’s way. Hamas hides behind innocent Palestinians in the hope that any retaliatory strike from Israel causes mass casualties of civilians.

Lost in the PC rhetoric is the fact that it is Hamas that has fired over two thousand rockets into Israel in the last week.

On Saturday, the United Arab Emirates demanded that Hamas “commit to complete calm” adding “Its leaders must understand that their policies are first and foremost hurting the people of Gaza.”

Arab nations can see through the ruse, but gullible Westerners see a carefully staged photo of a little child lying amid rubble and fall for it every single time.

It isn’t just the easily fooled that are parroting Hamas propaganda. And it isn’t just random suburban women with BLM lawn signs.

Hamas was handed an incredible propaganda coup in 2018 when two stridently vocal anti-Israel/pro-Hamas activists were elected to the US House.

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar — or as I once called the “The Code Pink Congresswomen” — aren’t gullible Westerners. They aren’t useful idiots. They are actively and knowingly disseminating Hamas propaganda from the House floor in the guise of “justice” for Palestinians.

And their dumber, more gullible cycle sister Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – that gal who admitted she’s not an expert on geo-politics — joins in on the chorus.

And the “America is a systemically racist country” idiots like Cori Bush (BLM-MO) and Ayanna Pressley glom on to the narrative and apply their Marxist BLM talking points to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

This is a dream come true for the terrorist organization.

In his book Qatar’s Shadow War, David Reaboi points out that the demonstrations and protests against Israel and in support of Palestinians happen almost exclusively in the West. That’s on purpose.

Most of the warfare Hamas conducts is information warfare. And their primary target is gullible Westerners. The objective is to conflate Hamas with “the Palestinian people.” And dopes like Meena Harris, AOC and virtually every idiot celebrity fall for it every single time.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, told his interrogator that Islamists looked to exploit the PC culture of the West to advance Islamism. And in the 20 years since, that objective has not changed one bit.

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One thought on “Gullible Westerners: The target of Hamas Propaganda

  • May 17, 2021 at 7:45 am

    The “Palestinians” were invented in the 1950’s, shortly after the state of Israel was created. Rejects from the surrounding arab countries were gathered to attack Israel by proxy, leaving the arab countries free from blame. Videos of the “founding fathers” of the Palestinians outlining the process used to be easily found online, but have now been largely deleted. The myth of a two-state solution is just that. The goal has always been the annihilation of Israel and extermination of the Jews. Western libs and “journalists” (along with many around the world) constantly prove how willfully ignorant and evil they are by condemning Israel for defending itself from the relentless attacks of the Palestinians/hamas.

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