Gutfeld delivers the Mother of All Segments


If Bill O’Reilly never comes back from vacation, I think I’d be okay with that. Because Greg Gutfeld as a guest host of the O’Reilly Factor gives me a happy.

Check out this segment from last night’s O’Reilly Factor.

I love what Gutfeld says about George Takei: “Your hot take has the depth of a farewell scribble on a high school yearbook.”

OMG! That made me howl!

And, yeah, I know. That Democrat strategist Richard Goodstein was a douche nozzle.

So don’t feel bad if you stopped the clip midway through his portion.

He can’t seem to figure out if he’s on to talk about the dropping of the Mother of All Bombs or last week’s missile strike Syria.

And for those of you who stuck with his segment. Did you notice how he quickly absolved Obama of any responsibility for this MOAB not being used during his Administration? It was the Generals’ fault it wasn’t used, not Obama’s!

What a creep.

But the segment between Gutfeld and Joey Jones really is the Mother of All Segments.

The part with the creepy Democrat strategist is worth it too just because Gutfeld made such a fool of him.

But that isn’t hard to do when talking about war with a Democrat.

The truth is, Democrats do not understand that the objective in war is to win.

It’s why they make such dreadful Commanders-in-Chief.

Obama was proud of “ending the war in Iraq.” Remember?

But he never bragged about “winning the war in Iraq.”

Because victory is never the end game when a Democrat is Commander-in-Chief.

When Goodstein was busy blaming the Generals and not Obama for not using the MOAB, I immediately remembered a clip I saw from Friday’s Fox & Friends. They had on former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie.

Watch the clip. Higbie blows Goodstein’s argument clean out of the water.

[Under Obama] You’ve had these bureaucrats running war scenarios that have never experienced war, that don’t know what they’re doing. And Trump said, “Hey, look. Mattis, you are the expert. You do what you gotta do. And I got your back.”

But this was the more important statement from Higbie.

When I was there in 2007 under Bush, we were able to drop bombs whenever we saw fit – whenever we said that our lives are in danger and we needed to. When we were there under Obama there was an approval process. If you were in a gun fight, you had to call up … who had to call up .. who had to call up. And then it had to come back down the same way. So you couldn’t get the munitions on the ground by the time the firefight was over. Or guys were dying in the middle of it.

And that right there is the difference.

Barack Obama tied the hands of the military. And his advisors were not military people, but policy wonks with degrees from Ivy League Colleges who had no earthly idea what it takes to actually fight a war or win a war.

The decision to drop this MOAB was the biggest reset button ever made. Its reverberations will be felt far beyond Afghanistan.

And, really? The only collateral damage from dropping this Mother of All Bombs was the complete obliteration of Obama’s legacy as Commander-in-Chief.

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One thought on “Gutfeld delivers the Mother of All Segments

  • April 15, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Amen to all your points Dianny. War is not a soft and fuzzy environment. it is not for the squeamish, nor is it for the indecisive. President sent a very big, loud and proud blast/message around the world. And the body count from this one bomb is still rising and will never be complete. What is done id done, move on. Let the survivors crawl back to their hovels and tell the tale.

    On a more joyous note: HAPPY EASTER everyone, remember the reason for this day.

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