Profiting off the Resistance like she profited off Haiti

The Clintons have a rare talent for spotting possible money-making opportunities in the most unlikely places.

A devastating earthquake in Haiti for example.

Only the Clintons could turn such abject human tragedy into a windfall for themselves.

And you thought ambulance-chasers were unethical.

After how the Clintons used Haiti as a springboard to financial enrichment, is anyone really surprised that now they want to capitalize off of the Anti-Trump “Resistance” Movement?

Hey, somebody was going to do it, right?

And who better than Hillary Clinton?

If you can profit off of human misery, why not profit off of Leftist anger and hatred?

Trust me.

If Hillary raises a hundred million dollars for the Anti-Trump Resistance, she will keep 95% of it for “administrative costs.” The rest will be doled out to the Resistance.

It’s how she rolls.

Unless of course Chelsea runs for office. Then, Chelsea will declare that she is the Anti-Trump Resistance Candidate. And Hillary’s new PAC will pour all that PAC money into Chelsea’s campaign.

You know, the same way they used the Haiti money for Chelsea’s wedding.

My guess is, her brother will start a Stop Trump Mining Company in Tanzania just to get his share of the booty.

Nothing the Clintons do is altruistic.

Not one thing.

Okay, scratch that. They did donate Bill’s old underwear to Goodwill.

What I find terrifically sad is that wealthy, white Liberals will happily donate to Hillary’s “Resistance” PAC.

After all, there’s a sucker born every minute.

Just think of all the suckers that fell for Hillary Clinton’s fundraising pleas in 2016. All told, she spent 1.2 billion dollars on her presidential campaign.

But don’t worry.

This time it will be different.

But only after she’s paid herself, Bill, Chelsea, her brother, Bill’s brother, her grandchildren and all the other “administrative costs” necessary to make sure this Resistance PAC keeps her living in the comfort and luxury to which she’s become accustomed.

Let this be a heads up to those “Resistance” people.

Unless your last name is Clinton or Rodham, I wouldn’t count on seeing much of that Resistance PAC cash if I were you.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask anyone living in Haiti.

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2 thoughts on “Profiting off the Resistance like she profited off Haiti

  • May 6, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    I wish there was a PAC that had all Clintons deported and Soros launched into the sun as a consolation prize.

  • May 8, 2017 at 11:03 am

    I welcome this. If the Clintoons steal all the money on the political left, they won’t have any left for real damaging candidates!

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