Hand-wringers and pearl-clutchers all


I’m sure you heard that MSNBC issued a viewer warning the other night before showing on screen some of the various anti-Hillary buttons that were on sale during the RNC Convention. The precious snowflake pearl-clutchers were apoplectic over it.

Oh the HUMANITY!!!

I just wandered over the CNN’s website.


Because I love watching these hand-wringers and pearl-clutchers carry on like wet hens.

Any old how, there’s an article titled … wait for it …

Hillary Clinton hate for sale on the streets of Cleveland.

Oh, noes!!!!

Hillary hate?! What kind of Hillary hate?!

On the streets outside the Quicken Loans Arena, in the shadows largely tucked away from most media coverage, there is a booming market for cheap, privately made and often viscerally sexist paraphernalia targeting Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

It helps if you read that in the scary, ominous “Movie-Preview Voice.” You know, like “In a world where zombies roam the earth…”

“Privately made and viscerally sexist?!” Say it ain’t so!!!

Good grief. Over the top much, CNN?

Get a load of some of the examples they give:




CNN continued in that same pearl-clutching, hand-wringing way:

Nasty rhetorical attacks on presidential candidates — on their looks, their spouses and children — have featured in high-stakes political campaigns since the Founding Fathers slurred each other in letters and through the partisan press. But Clinton, as the first woman to become the presumptive nominee for a major party, has been faced with a unseen brand of vitriol.

An “unseen brand of vitriol?!” Simmer down, girls.

Ah, yes. It’s all because Hillary is a woman!!

It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s an unindicted criminal who was so careless with classified information as to put covert assets at risk. It has nothing to do with her law-breaking. It has nothing to do with her glaring incompetence as Secretary of State. It has nothing to do with the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first candidate to be under investigation by the FBI while running for President.

No!!! This “unseen brand of vitriol” is all because she’s a woman!!!

CNN is particularly aghast with the use of the word “bitch.” How dare they call Hillary a bitch?!

Trust me, CNN. The sellers of those T-shirts and buttons are not the first people to recognize that particular quality in the former Miss Rodham.

But what really got their goat was the popularity of the T-shirt that read “Hillary for Prison.”

Most prevalent are the “Hillary for prison” t-shirts and pins. There are at least three or four designs. The most popular is sold by conspiracy theorist radio host and Infowars founder Alex Jones. Jones led a long “Hillary for prison” chant during the pro-Trump “America First Unity Rally” on Monday.

Ah, yes. Only a “conspiracy theorist” would think Hillary belongs in prison.

Gotcha, CNN.

Meanwhile, of course. It is a-okay to call Trump Hitler. In fact, I won’t be a bit surprised if some industrious independent businessman will be selling Trump as Hitler T-shirts in Philly next week. Though, I doubt CNN will report on it.

Then again, what are the odds there is such a thing as an “industrious independent businessman” among those who support the Democrat Party.

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One thought on “Hand-wringers and pearl-clutchers all

  • July 22, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    The venom flowed like cheap wine at a democrat dinner party.
    Pissy Chrissy Matthews,the snow-capped leprechaun lamented:
    Matthews somehow theorized, “When you get back to the angle, the edge, it’s about big cities with large minority populations. You go back to that old thing of bashing Washington, D.C., the old Marion Barry days, bashing Baltimore and Chicago, those city names evoke minorities.”…the fact every one of these cities has been run totally by far left nincompoops for decades is of no import.
    from the Washington Compost:
    Belligerent and erratic, Mr. Trump nevertheless has a serious chance to win in November. In his acceptance speech, he sought to enhance his political prospects the only way he knows how: by inflaming public angst, so as to exploit it.
    At least they can put their knives away next week and freshen their lipstick for the ass-kissing to commence.

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