Hardwired for failure

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Republican Party is hardwired to fail. They can’t help it. They can no more change that fact of their nature than a pigeon could change its propensity to crap all over a window sill.

In what is a rare occasion in seven and a half years, a Republican has burrowed so deep under Barack Obama’s skin that our petulant little prince is barking mad.

And not just in the “angry” sense of the term.

Obama fully expected to control the narrative after a radical Islamist staged the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11, and one guy trampled all over Barry’s carefully crafted plans.

Donald Trump.

You would think Republicans, who for seven and a half years have been unable to put Barack Obama on the defensive, would be elated to have someone score a direct hit. But they’re not.

Look, Donald Trump is far from a perfect candidate. But he had a damn good week this week. He forced Hillary Clinton to utter the words “radical Islam.” Trust me, she wouldn’t have had he not hammered her on her unwillingness to do so.

Hillary is so desperate to win, that she let a decrepit old socialist frame the primary narrative. The entire Democrat primary season consisted of Hillary scrambling to adopt the terms and issues Bernie Sanders advocated. Hillary wouldn’t have done that if she had thought she could win handily without veering Left.

And now, after a year of refusing to acknowledge that America’s enemy is radical Islam, she suddenly utters the phrase and pretends that she’s never had a problem saying it. Why? Because Trump borrowed under her skin as well.

Obama’s embarrassing snit-fit in front the press over the term “Radical Islam” was a direct result of Donald Trump’s criticisms of him. Obama was visibly furious and clearly defensive. Trump threw him off his game.

And then, in the aftermath of Obama’s inopportune performance, Trump latched onto it and pointed out the obvious: Obama is more angry at him than he is the terrorist who committed this atrocious act.

I didn’t support Trump in the primaries. I still have a lot of problems with him to be sure. But the fact that in one fell swoop he was able to knock both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama off their carefully prepared talking points is a huge victory.

And what are the Republicans in Washington doing? Are they becoming emboldened by Trump’s success? Are they finding the courage to stand up and fight back?


They’re back-peddling away from Trump as fast as their clay feet can carry them.

It’s pathetic really.

You see, Republicans are hardwired to believe that when they are attacked by Obama or attacked in the Enslaved Press that their primary responsibility is to bend over as far as they can to prove to the Left that they’re not all bad and they’d be happy to work out a compromise.

They are so hardwired for failure they surrender in advance of the fight.

Listen, Trump is not the “Great Communicator.” His ability to speak in “nuanced” phrases, or even coherent sentences are as rare a hen’s teeth. But when it comes to hitting back at Hillary and Obama, Trump is a sledgehammer.

The Republicans?

Well, they’re only a sledgehammer if Fisher Price made it.


And right on schedule, when Trump sends Hillary and Obama on defense, the Republicans in Washington rally to the side of … well, Hillary and Obama.

They can’t help themselves. They’re hardwired for failure.

Like hostages suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, the Republicans can’t bear the thought of opposing their captors. They wilt at even the hint of negative press. In fact, they’re more terrified of being excoriated by the New York Times Editorial Board than they are the threat of radical Islam.

Make no mistake. They’re feckless and timid rush to distance themselves from Trump’s harsh words on Islamic terror isn’t going to help the Republican nominee’s chances in November.

But I’m not surprised. The Republicans have becomes old hands at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

I’ve often hoped that a bold, unafraid Republican would shock these quislings out of their scared rabbit stupor and give them the courage to stand up against Obama and the Left. I should have known it wouldn’t make a difference. After all, Ted Cruz has been showing these pansies how to fight back for four years, and rather than hop on board and add their voices to the opposition, they attacked Cruz.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no hope for Republican to grow a spine. They’re hardwired to surrender. They’re hardwired to capitulate. They’re hardwired to run screaming from anyone who shows even a modicum of backbone.

Look, there’s a lot about Trump that I don’t like. But his strong positions on National Security and securing our borders are not among them. And the fact that these cowards are stepping up their scheming and plotting to deny Trump the nomination over the fact that Trump is saying what needs to be said about the threat of radical Islam tells me all I need to know about these assholes.

They don’t care about this country’s safety or the safety and security of the American People — at least not nearly as much as they care about being perceived well by the Democrats.

The only thing these turncoats care about is their own miserable hides.

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One thought on “Hardwired for failure

  • June 17, 2016 at 11:06 am

    Spot on again Dianny! He seems to be the only steamroller available, and they (Lil Barry, Hitlery, the RINOs and the enslaved press) are the pavement. It was definately fun to watch Lil Barry get all flustered, uhhh, uhhh, …ehh, ehh, ehh, …I, Iy, Ieye, uhhh, ahhhh, and stutter. I too have great reservations about tRumph. I still don’t trust him. However, he is the only one standing up to these Progressive Glittery Turd Polishing fools. I like the silver sledgehammer (Thor or Maxwell?) analogy too.

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