And where are the hateful hags of the Wah-Wah Sisterhood?

When the US Senate voted to censure Elizabeth Warren for defaming and slandering a fellow member of the Senate, the hateful hags of the Wah-Wah Sisterhood jumped into action.

Oh, how angry they were! How dare the meanie meanie jelly-beanie men in the Senate treat a fellow sister so badly?! They will stand together!

Do you hear them?! They will not be silenced!

Woman power, baby!

Liz was a poor, mistreated victim!

A victim I tell you!!

She was a victim of misogyny and the evil white patriarchy!

And the Wah-Wah Sisterhood will stand united against such evil!

From the way the Wah-Wah Sisterhood reacted, you’d think those meanie Senate Republicans screamed in Liz Warren’s face and shoved her around before chasing her out of the Senate chambers.

You know. The way hateful Leftists treated Betsy DeVos today.

Did you hear about that?

Well, it just happened this morning.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was confronted by angry protesters outside of a DC Middle School. They blocked her from entering the school. Then, as she was led away, they shouted in her face, pushed and shoved at her. And then they chased after her as she was taken back to her car.

Don’t you think those angry sisters would be super-duper angry about how Betsy DeVos was treated?

I mean, that’s way worse than what happened to Liz.

Yet where are the hateful hags of the Wah-Wah Sisterhood?

Why, they’re nowhere to be found.

They’re not done railing against the misogynistic white patriarchy of the US Senate to care about Betsy DeVos. Besides, what’s a little physical intimidation compared to the silencing of Liz Warren?

If I had to venture a guess, I would think the Wah-Wah Sisterhood would have joined in the fray and attacked Betsy DeVos right along with those creeps.

I bet they’re kicking themselves that they weren’t there to chase after her too.

Make no mistake about it.

Modern-Day feminists do not care about women.

They care about the Leftist ideology.

And to them, Betsy DeVos getting physically intimidated while doing her job is not only no biggie. It is absolutely acceptable.

They will remain more outraged and angry that Liz Warren wasn’t permitted to continue her vile slander of Jeff Sessions than they ever will over Betsy DeVos being attacked.

Nobody on the Left or within the Democrat Party leadership will ever disavow this anti-American, violent behavior.

In fact, they not only condone it; they applaud it.

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3 thoughts on “And where are the hateful hags of the Wah-Wah Sisterhood?

  • February 10, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    There is supposedly law in DC making it illegal to wear a mask while protesting. I saw the video on this disgraceful demonstration and several protesters (at least one Black Lives Matter protester) were wearing masks.
    Aside from the rationale for Black Lives Matter to be protesting the Secretary of Education, I think DC police need to adopt a zero tolerance policy on masked protesters

  • February 11, 2017 at 12:37 am

    As a convention loving character enthusiast, I am sorely disappointed that paid and lame protesters could ruin public mask wearing. However, mask wearing for the purpose of committing crimes during protests is cowardly. And it makes them easy to pick out and distinguish from non-violent protesters.

  • February 11, 2017 at 1:14 am

    Keep it up, liberal apes. Keep digging your own graves.
    Keep assuming your inane actions will be accepted by normal people out here. The desperation is getting rather comical.
    By all means, continue.

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