He lacks credibility

There’s this episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” called Doppelgängland where an alternate Willow from another reality comes to Sunnydale and this Willow is a vampire. She gathers a gang of vampires and takes them to the Bronze (the local hangout in town) to slaughter all the humans. When the gang of vampires descend on the Bronze, Angel and Oz are there. Before Willow makes her appearance, the main minion, Alphonse, gets control of the frightened people:

Everybody, SHUT UP!
All right. Nobody causes any
trouble, or tries to leave,
and nobody gets hurt.

Why don’t I believe him?

Well, he lacks credibility.

Something about Obama’s hollow assurances that his objectives are not to confiscate guns from the American people made me think of this scene.

Said the weepy little tyrant:

Contrary to the claims of what some gun rights proponents have suggested, this hasn’t been the first step in some slippery slope to mass confiscation. Contrary to claims of some presidential candidates, apparently, before this meeting, this is not a plot to take away everybody’s guns.

In the words of Angel, “Why don’t I believe him?”

“Well, he lacks credibility.”

He lacks credibility

Let’s face it. Obama assured the American people over thirty times that with Obamacare , if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.

And he lied.

He lied.

Obama slapping on his serious face and making declarative statements is never what anyone could call “assuring.”

Just a few minutes after making this unwavering declaration, Obama said this:

Some of you may recall, at the same time that Sandy Hook happened, a disturbed person in China took a knife and tried to kill — with a knife — a bunch of children in China. But most of them survived because he didn’t have access to a powerful weapon.

China prohibits private gun ownership.

If this isn’t about taking guns out of the hands of citizens, why bring up China?

Barack has been singing the same tune on guns for over three years.

After Sandy Hook, as he did yesterday, Barack hammered home the idea that if we can save just one life, it’s worth it. At the time, I wrote this brief column (which is now available in my first volume of columns, RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama):

To Save a Life – January 15, 2013

“If there is a step we can take that will save even one child … we should take that step.” Barack Obama, January 14, 2013.

I’ve taken a moment to compile a list of things that will save lots and LOTS of children. Let’s see which ones Obama will embrace:

1. Ban abortion except in the case of preserving the life of the mother
This will probably save over 1 million children each and every year.

2. Allow for conceal carry in all 50 states
The anecdotal evidence shows that lives are saved, including the lives of children, in the cases where perpetrators of violent crime were stopped by someone who was armed. The evidence is overwhelming that gun crime goes down in states that allow the carry of concealed weapons.

3. Begin deporting all illegal aliens arrested for violent crimes
Who can say how many lives will be spared by enforcing and strengthening our immigration laws and keeping those violent offenders out of the country?

4. Ban all “gun-free zones.”
The deadliest shootings of the last several years were perpetrated in promoted “gun-free” zones. Homicidal lunatics tend to seek out places where their victims will be sitting ducks. These “fish in a barrel” zones are killing more children than any high capacity magazine.

These are just four, FOUR examples of steps we can take that will save far more than one child. They would save millions of children. But will Barack Obama pursue any of them? No. And the reason is simple.

This has never been about reducing incidences of “gun violence,” or making our children safer. This is about disarming the citizenry. These opportunists have been waiting, hoping, praying for just such a tragedy to advance their agenda. And now they have it. And nothing, NOTHING will stop them from their goal of disarming us.

And on Wednesday, this façade of a President will stand in front of a group of children to announce his intended assault on the 2nd Amendment which, in all truth, will probably do the sum total of nothing to save any child, including the ones used by the White House as human props.

Saving children?

Please. Is anyone really stupid enough to believe a word that comes out of this demagogue’s mouth?


Here it is, three years later and Barack is peddling the same bucket of lies today.

But his lies ring false. Because he lacks credibility.

After seven years of demagoguery, straw men arguments, outright lies, and carefully-structured propaganda events — whether on guns or Obamacare or “the Climate” — Obama has entered his final year in office with the credibility of a snake-oil salesman.

Sadly, there are still some people who believe him. Perhaps out of devotion. Perhaps out of a sense that no President would be so brazen as to lie in our faces (despite the repeated incidences where Obama did just that).

But I no more believe Barack Obama than I would an SS guard who would assure an old Jewish mother that when she steps into that room, she’s just going to be taking a shower.

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One thought on “He lacks credibility

  • January 6, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    No amount of gun laws are going to prevent anyone from obtaining a gun if they want one bad enough. If laws worked we wouldn’t have a drug problem in America.
    I think we should have gun safety and education classes taught in high school because too many children are growing up in single parent households now days and there’s nobody to teach them the basics about guns. It’s like the forbidden fruit and that makes it intriguing to them.
    We also need to reform our prisons. They are too soft. The majority of criminals aren’t afraid of going to prison anymore. That’s why we have so many repeat offenders. Bring back the chain gangs and work them so hard they’ll think they are in advanced Marine basic training. It needs to be a living hell that they never want to go back to ever again. It’s just a vacation for them now where they don’t have to do anything except read or listen to their radios and they get fed 3 meals a day.
    I also believe in the death penalty. You murder someone and you don’t get a second chance. And we need to bring back mental institutions. Some people are just totally insane and shouldn’t just be given some kind of prescription drugs and put back into society.

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