Healthy Hillary bails

Picture of health Hillary Rodham Clinton bailed early on the September 11 commemoration ceremony this morning.


Fox News is reporting the robust and energized Clinton had to be led away by her staff after she suffered some sort of “medical episode.”

On the way to her handicap-accessible Clinton-Mobile, Healthy Hillary “stumbled off the curb, her ‘knees buckled’ and she lost a shoe.”

What vibrant, healthy person doesn’t do that?!

Fox is reporting that a law enforcement source said Healthy as a Horse Hillary left because she wasn’t feeling well.

Does she ever feel well?

The Clinton campaign people wouldn’t permit the campaign reporters from leaving the media area to follow.

Never a good sign.

But don’t worry, folks.

The Enslaved Press has assured us. There is nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton and all this talk about her health is nothing but the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

I mean, look at this picture taken shortly before she bailed:


Other than morphing into Ozzy Osborne, doesn’t she look like the picture of health?

Check out this video:

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One thought on “Healthy Hillary bails

  • September 11, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Other than the blue shades, it looks like Gollum is still looking for his Precious!
    I think Hillary dropped her shoe, hoping that her Prince Charming to place the slipper on her foot and make her happy ever after!

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