Because when I hear “diplomacy,” I think Joe Biden

I saw a report at the New York Post this morning that Hillary Clinton is considering selecting Joe Biden as her Secretary of State should she win the election.

When I got done laughing hysterically, suddenly it all made sense.

I’ve been combing through the Podesta Emails from WikiLeaks for the last couple of weeks, and something tells me that one of the ways Team Clinton may have helped push Biden away from running in 2016 was to offer him something.

No, I didn’t find an email where someone said, “Maybe we should tell him we’ll make him Secretary of State.”

But I did see emails from last year where Team Hillary was discussing arranging meetings between the Vice President and Hillary back in the summer of 2015.

It’s also clear from the emails that Team Clinton was terrified that Biden would jump into the race.

Every discovery that Biden was meeting with possible campaign operatives or speaking with Labor leaders was met with nervous trepidation.

Hillary’s every action and decision comes down to one thing, “How will this further advance Hillary?”

Any possible cabinet appointments she would make will be motivated by self-interest, not what is in the best interests of the nation.

That’s pretty much a given.

And when you consider that fundamental truth about Hillary coupled with her campaign team’s terror of Biden entering the race, the only possible conclusion is Biden was bought off to clear the way for Hillary’s nomination.

This isn’t so much fact as it is an educated guess on my part.

Come on. You know Hillary Clinton. You know how the Clinton Machine operates.

Is it really that outlandish to think that Hillary presented Joe with an offer he couldn’t refuse in order to keep him from running?

I can totally see this. Can’t you?

The irony of course is that Biden is probably the most undiplomatic person in the universe. He has absolutely no verbal control, can’t keep his hands to himself, and tends to make a fool of himself in public settings.

Just the thought of how Biden would behave on the world stage gives me that oh-so uncomfortable feeling.


Clearly if she’s considering Biden, Hillary has abandoned her dream of “smart diplomacy.”

But then again, finding the best person for the job is not the objective here.

This is Hillary Clinton. The objective is always self-serving.

Hillary would put America’s interests at risk if it means getting what she wants. She’s proven that time and time again.

As Nickarama over at Weasel Zippers put it, “Well, there’s another reason not to vote for her…”

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