Who the hell else are they going to endorse?


The National Rifle Association officially endorsed Donald J. Trump for President and some NRA members are a bit miffed. I saw a few tweets last night from NRA members who wanted their membership fee back or were going to cut up their membership cards over this endorsement. Really? Well, who else would the NRA endorse?

Hillary Clinton?!

Hillary has repeatedly stated that she would enact unconstitutional gun control measures on day one of her term in office. She has attacked the NRA as being some all-powerful Evil Empire that controls the levers of power in the government — in much the same way Trump supporters think Globalist New World Order Goldman Sachs puppets are controlling the levers of power.

Did anyone really expect the NRA to endorse Hillary?

I joined the NRA because I wanted to belong to a group that defends the Second Amendment, not because I wanted someone to tell me whom to vote for.

I get why some NRA members might be disappointed. The most pro-Second Amendment candidate was Ted Cruz, but Cruz is no longer in the race. All they’re left with is Hillary and Trump.

And yes, I understand their concern. Trump was all in favor of the nebulously-named “Assault Weapons Ban.” And back in 2012 after Adam Lanza shot and killed over twenty at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Trump praised Obama’s exploitative speech in Newtown Connecticut.

Trump is, as with most things, “iffy” at best on the Second Amendment. Yeah, he’s saying all the right things now — even when the things he is saying aren’t within the authority of the President of the United States. After all, the President cannot unilaterally rid the entire nation of “gun-free zones” no matter how deadly these “gun-free zones” are. Municipalities, cities, states have the authority to get rid of “gun-free zones” on public property, not the President. Likewise, the President does not have the Constitutional authority to compel owners of privately owned property to permit guns. I suppose a President Trump could issue an edict demanding that “gun-free zones” be removed and threaten to withhold federal funding if they aren’t — you know, like Obama’s bathroom Peedict did for public schools.

Not that it matters. Like most politicians, Donald Trump is an expert panderer. His use of the issue of “gun-free zones” is more about getting cheers and applause than anything else. Like how he uses the Wall™.

I don’t think the NRA endorsed Trump because he is against “gun-free zones.” They endorsed Trump because, frankly, who the hell else are they going to endorse?

As many others before them, the NRA has chosen the lesser of two evils. They certainly cannot endorse the lady who would destroy gun rights of individuals. So whom does that leave?

Trump is not a solidly pro-Second Amendment guy to be sure. In fact, as with most things, we really have no idea how he would deal with the Anti-Second Amendment crowd in Congress. But when the alternative is a hideous witch who hates private gun ownership almost as much as she hates Republicans, what choice do they have?

My guess is the NRA is hoping malleability is a two-way street. If Trump can be swayed to support the Liberal agenda, perhaps he can also be swayed to stand fast on a pro-Liberty agenda. It’s a gamble, to be sure, but the alternative is far worse.

I see this not as a full-throated Pro-Trump endorsement but rather a “We have to do everything we can to keep that gun-grabbing, wretched harridan out of the White House” endorsement.

Trust me, the NRA has done worse than endorse someone like Donald Trump. Lest we forget, they also endorsed Harry Reid.

But when the alternative is a Democrat candidate who, along with her opponents, brags about her very low NRA grade, what else is the NRA supposed to do?

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2 thoughts on “Who the hell else are they going to endorse?

  • May 22, 2016 at 11:58 am

    They could endorse Gary Johnson. I’m sure his grade is better than Trumpfs. He may only have a slim chance but then again, my Liberty with either Trumpf or Hitlery in still in jeopardy.

  • May 24, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    When an election comes down to two folks, you always vote for the individual furthermost to the right. In November we all know who this will be………….
    Austin Petersen. – Dianny

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