Helpful Tip: Never fall for the Social Media Outrage Mob

Outrage Mob

I’m sure you saw the story about the awful Catholic school boys in MAGA hats who “surrounded” a poor, innocent Native American Vietnam vet and refused to let him leave.

Oh, the hue and cry!!!

“This is Trump’s America!”

“Hate has no place!!!”

“It’s just like JIM CROW!!!!”

“Let’s dox those hateful MAGA-hat-wearing haters and shame the Catholic school they attend!!!”

The poor, innocent Native American Vietnam vet was an instant celebrity – sharing his harrowing story on CNN and with the Washington Post.

Only, it was a lie.

You know. Like the Buzzfeed report from Thursday night.

Turns out, the story was 180 degrees out of phase.

The only sin that one boy committed was standing quietly while the drum-banging asshole got in his face.

But the drum-banging asshole is the one who got interviews with CNN and the Washington Post while the kid is getting death threats.

And speaking of Buzzfeed, they piled on too.

While nobody expects an Outrage Mob (or Buzzfeed for that matter) to do due diligence and actually investigate and fact-check, you would think CNN and the Washington Post would take the time.

After all, they’re news outfits, right?


Just kidding!

Listen, the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to maintain a modicum of self-respect is to ignore the Outrage Mob.

In fact, be like that young man in the MAGA hat and just stand quietly with a smile on your face as the Outrage Mob beats the drums of rage.

Because there’s a 99.999% chance that the thing the Outrage Mob is raging against is bullshit (or Sitting Bullshit as the case may be).

Be like Jesse Kelly.

If only CNN and the Washington Post – and every other media outlet that hopped aboard this latest Outrage Mob bandwagon — had that kind of sense.

But they don’t.

Because they’re not news outlets anymore.  Instead, they’re the Public Relations Firm for the Outrage Mob – amplifying their rage and ensuring that the pile-on against innocent people is even larger.

They aren’t brave “firefighters” who rush in to tell the story (Like MSNBC’s Katy Tur famously claimed).  Instead, they’re aiding and abetting the arsonists by pouring even more gasoline on the fire. 

So tell me again, news media, who is it that is dividing this nation?

Who is it that is fomenting hate?

The bottom line is you cannot trust the news media to tell the truth and expose the Outrage Mob for the unhinged, hateful liars that they are.

So do yourself a favor and ignore them all.


This morning when I saw Maggie Haberman of the NY Times had jumped onto the Outrage Mob Pig Pile, the first thought that went through my head was, “Robert Barnes should offer to represent these kids and sue the idiots in the news media.”

And lookie here:

The irresponsible behavior of the American news media is reprehensible.

They should absolutely be held to account for fomenting a lynch mob against these kids.

By the way, if you aren’t following Robert Barnes on Twitter, you really should.

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One thought on “Helpful Tip: Never fall for the Social Media Outrage Mob

  • January 21, 2019 at 8:30 am

    Me seeum paleface boys wearing MAGA head dresses. Getum in face,make heap big stink.Me doem before because me oppressed Native American. Getum much publicity. Me talkum bad about Trump,get heap big wampum. Trump hate makeum big medicine. Young palefaces get kicked out of teepee. Me do again before many moons pass. Big fun.

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