Helping ISIS

While in Malaysia, Barack Obama once again took an opportunity to attack the United States of America.

What do you expect? Like a businessman who always takes the opportunity when out of town on business to hire a hooker, Obama can’t help himself. Standing on foreign soil, the temptation to insult or denigrate his own country is overwhelming.

The irony is, lately all the things that Obama says are “helping ISIS” are things he disagrees with.

Funny how that happens.

Helping ISIS

Here is part of what Obama said:

In our diverse societies, everybody can do their part. And we will not give in to fear, or start turning on each other, or treating some people differently because of religion or race or background. That wouldn’t just be a betrayal of our values, it would also feed ISIL’s propaganda — there assertion, which is absolutely false, that we must absolutely reject, that we are somehow at war with an entire religion. The United States could never be at war with any religion because America is made up of multiple religions. We’re strengthened by people from every religion, including Muslim Americans.

Sure. Our desire to keep our homeland safe by not bringing in “refugees” that we can in no way properly screen is only helping ISIS.

It is kind of funny that a guy who has spent the last seven years making sure the American people turn on each other suddenly cannot brook Americans turning on each other.

Here’s the difference. We’re not turning on each other. When we turn on each other, the only person who is helped is Obama.

What is getting Barry’s nose out of joint is not that we’re turning on each other. It’s that we’re turning on him.

It isn’t that we’re helping ISIS; he’s getting snippy because we are no longer buying his bullshit.

But more to the point, who gives a crap what ISIS thinks about us? Our first priority is our own safety and security. And if that makes ISIS happy or angry or sad or indifferent, I really don’t give the hairy ass of a rat.

And, frankly, neither should the Commander-in-Chief.

Obama cares more about how the enemy will react than what the American people want.

But who here is surprised by that?

Why should we give a crap how ISIS feels about anything?

The only thing Barack Obama should care about is destroying the bastards.

And let’s be blunt. It is not our differences that strengthen us. We are strengthened by our united culture and identity. And bringing in tens of thousands of people who have no interest in assimilating to our culture doesn’t strengthen us; it weakens us.

Don’t believe me? Just take a gander at Europe.

So I want to be as clear as I can on this: Prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and undermines our national security.

No it doesn’t, Barack.

This isn’t about “prejudice and discrimination;” it is about seeking US National Interests above all else. What undermines our national security is not being willing to protect the homeland from possible terrorist attack while at the same time failing to actually destroy the enemy abroad.

I’m sure you guys have seen the reports that Obama is blocking 75% of all airstrikes when our pilots are over the targets. Why? Well, we might hit somebody who isn’t ISIS. And, apparently Barack is unaware that in war, there will be civilian deaths and collateral damage. It’s just the nature of the beast. I’m sure you’ve also heard that Obama drops leaflets giving everybody a 45 minute heads up that a bombing is on the way, thereby giving everyone enough opportunity to steer clear of what few “pin-prick” bombings he permits.

It doesn’t take a 5-Star General to know that this strategy is doing more to “undermine our national security” than the demands of the American people that we not bring a Trojan Horse into our homeland.

And so, even as we destroy ISIL on the battlefield — and we will destroy them —

By only permitting 25% of the airstrikes and dropping leaflets to give them time to leave.

…we will take back land that they are currently in. We will cut off their financing. We will hunt down their leadership. We will dismantle their networks and their supply lines, and we will ultimately destroy them.

Or they’ll die of old age — whichever comes first.

Even as we are in the process of doing that, we want to make sure that we don’t lose our own values and our own principles. And we can all do our part by upholding the values of tolerance and diversity and equality that help keep America strong.

Obama, a man so devoid of a conscience, lecturing us about our values is pretty ballsy.

But “tolerance and diversity and equality” may be swell personal attributes. But a nation, as a whole, must not tolerate being infiltrated by enemy agents — no matter what religion they are. A nation as a whole must never put diversity over national identity, or that nation will cease to exist.

And though all men are created equal, they don’t live that way. I do not value the contribution of some Islamic terrorist. I do not need to respect him or honor him or treat him as my equal. He is a monster without a soul. I owe him nothing.

And we as a nation owe them nothing.

Honestly, I could tolerate Obama constantly climbing up on his high horse if he was even modestly sincere.

But he isn’t.

He doesn’t give a shit about “diversity and tolerance.” It has always been his way or the highway. And, frankly, in Obama’s world, there is no room for diversity of thought or tolerance of differing opinions.

And let’s be honest here. He doesn’t give a damn about national security.

Obama’s loyalty lies not with the United States of America, but with Islam. And make no mistake. Islam isn’t just a religion. It is a political movement. It is a movement of domination — to bring the world under the heel of Sharia.

This isn’t about religion. This isn’t about “tolerance” or “prejudice” or “discrimination” or “diversity.”

It is about defeating an enemy that seeks to bring about our destruction.

It is about our survival as a nation.

And a strong, secure, united America will not be helping ISIS in the least.

On a related note: If you have nine minutes to spare, take the time to click HERE and watch this interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on CNN.

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2 thoughts on “Helping ISIS

  • November 23, 2015 at 11:19 am

    We do not need this clown to tell us anything. He doesn’t know squat about the square root of squat. He is only powerful when we let our gaurd down. Please, someone on the Secret Service detail get your team together and ditch this toad some where overseas (preferably some muzzie toilet land with a golf coarse). Actually come to think about it, It may be more problematic than we/they think. My bet is that he has been ditched before, probably as a child (oh, hmm wait…does abandoned as a child count?) (Getting dropped of at Grandpa’s house for 8-10 years??). He is probably scared sch!tle$$$ of being ditched/abandoned/left behind and has implemented proceedures (Presidential Order #0900002 “Thou Shalt Not Ditch The King”) to insure that it doesn’t happen again. I am sure that the folks at the muzzie golf course would send his sorry aZZ back, when they closed for the night. Who could blame them. His incessant child-like demands and whinnnnnning would drive them nuts, Pronto. CRRAAPPPP!! We have got to think of something.

    HMMM, Hey, I bet some inteligent cartoonist, graphic artist, enterprizing film maker, blogger type gal could make a great parody poster and a short movie about Obama being “Left Away From Home Alone,” or “Ditched by my Security Detail,” or “WHAAA! How Come No One Likes Me!” It would have to be a short film because really, NO ONE WOULD GIVE A FURRY RAT”S A$$.

    Suggested short version idea:
    Question: Where in the world is Obama?
    Answer: Who cares!!. His Secret Service Detail’s Awards Banquet and Medal Of Honor Party has started. THESE GUYS ARE HEROS! Pass me a beer please, this is going to be GREAT.

    I don’t know, call me crazy. The world wouldn’t let us get away with dumping our problems onto them, we have already done to much by electing him, TWICE. They don’t really like/trust him either!
    PPFFTT! Looks like we are stuck with “Lil Barry the Terror-enabler” for now.

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