Heroes, Villains, and the Comic Book World of Propaganda

Heroes, Villains, and the Comic Book World of Propaganda

In a moral panic, propaganda is used to boil down the complexities of any issue or event to the comic book world of black and white, good versus evil, and Superhero versus Supervillain.

We saw this with COVID, didn’t we?

The COVID pandemic response was reduced to a comic book world.

We had a Supervillain named Donald Trump whom the propagandists assigned the most nefarious and evil motives.

And we had not one, but two Superheroes whom the propagandists assigned noble and virtuous motives.

Superhero Andrew Cuomo delivered the most wonderful, informative, and compassionate press conferences, not like that Evil Genius Trump who used his press conferences to peddle “misinformation.” And every time Superhero Cuomo spoke, it was like laser beams striking at the lies delivered from that diabolical monster Supervillain Trump.

Then there was the half-pint Robin to Cuomo’s Superman, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci’s superpower was infallibility. Every word from his mouth was TRUTH and we could unquestioningly trust him.

We had Good People who dutifully wore their masks and maintained social distancing. The Good People used hashtags like #WereAllInThisTogether, #StayHome, #WearAMask. They swapped out their old social media profile pictures for new ones showing them wearing a mask. And they unquestioningly believed everything they heard in the news while accusing anyone who asked questioned or expressed concern about the threat to our Liberties of being “Grandma Killers,” “conspiracy theorists,” “science-deniers,” or “Trump cultists.”

Everything our Superheroes did was for our good while the only thing Supervillain Trump wanted was to kill us all.

Meanwhile, the Good People were buying Fauci prayer candles and Cuomo “merch” to show their devotion to their superheroes.

The media actively fueled this comic book world propaganda because it served their primary objective of destroying Donald Trump before the 2020 election.

The Democrat Party played along to get their decrepit old candidate into the White House.

After Trump was defeated, the truth all came out. About Andrew Cuomo’s deadly nursing home decision and how the media colluded with him. About Anthony Fauci covering up the COVID connection to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

But in the course of creating this comic book world, politicians and their media handmaids destroyed the US economy, killed millions of jobs, did untold damage to school-age children, and permanently shuttered tens of thousands of businesses.

Under Biden, that same comic book world was used, but with a different supervillain. The Unvaccinated replaced Donald Trump as the supervillain in Biden’s COVID comic book world. The Unvaccinated, wielding their superweapon, “misinformation” were trying to put your lives at risk because they’re evil and selfish. The Unvaccinated, taking out whole populations with a single cough.

The Good People added #GetVaccinated to their list of hashtags and posted pictures of themselves getting their “Fauci ouchie” while lobbing vitriol at those who refused to do the same.

The COVID panic taught the powerful and the elites just how easily propaganda hoodwinks the American people.

A lot of people warned that the Democrats and the media will run this COVID propaganda playbook again on something else. They will find another reason to reduce a complex problem to the comic book world of black and white, and good versus evil.

Well, here we are in another comic book world.

We have a Supervillain named Vladimir Putin. A man so devoid of humanity, he is pure evil – perhaps because he’s sick and losing his mind. He has no motive for invading Ukraine beyond his desire to carry out his evil acts. Supervillain Putin uses his weapon of “Russian disinformation” to hypnotize the weak-minded and ignorant.

We have a Superhero named Volodymir Zelensky (or Zelenskiy or Zelenskyy). He’s dreamy and brave. And unlike Supervillain Putin, you can trust all the information coming from Superhero Zelensky because he believes in democracy and would never lie to you, even if lying helps him get the weapons he so desperately wants.

We have Good People who #StandWithUkraine and place a 🇺🇦 in their social media screen names. They replace their social media profile pictures with images of the Ukraine flag. They unquestioningly believe everything they hear in the news while accusing anyone who asks questions or expresses concern that America might be dragged into a war with Russia of being “Pro-Putin” or “Traitors” who are “parroting false Russian propaganda.”

Meanwhile, the Good People are buying Zelensky merch like T-shirtsprayer candles, and pillowcases while vandalizing Russian restaurants in the name of “standing up for democracy.”

Same comic book world, different comic book characters.

The media pushes this Ukraine Comic Book World to boost its ratings and increase readership.

The Democrats happily play along because they’re desperately hoping that some of that Zelensky magic will rub off on them and prevent a midterm wipe-out.

They were willing to destroy our economy, overlook Cuomo killing thousands of seniors, run interference for Communist China while elevating a diminutive liar like Fauci all to win an election.

If you think they wouldn’t hesitate to drag America into a war with Russia and kill thousands of American servicemen if it helps them maintain power in November, think again.

They would do it with a song in their hearts.

And half the country, so gripped in the current moral panic that they believe this comic book world is real, would stand up and cheer.

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4 thoughts on “Heroes, Villains, and the Comic Book World of Propaganda

  • March 20, 2022 at 8:45 am

    “If you think they wouldn’t hesitate to drag America into a war with Russia and kill thousands of American servicemen if it helps them maintain power in November, think again.”

    I believe that the Democrats would be okay to have the US lose a couple of cities to nuclear weapons (as long as they were someplace in Florida, Virginia, or Texas) if they would keep their majorities in Congress.

  • March 20, 2022 at 11:38 am

    Saw a report that a French court has ruled in favor of life insurance companies refusing to pay death benefits for the vaccinated who died from COVID. The life insurance companies argued that the vaccines are “experimental” and not approved (in spite of talking heads saying otherwise), thus nullifying the policy since experimental procedures, etc., are not covered by insurance. Additionally, if a life insurance policy holder dies directly from the vaccine, that is considered suicide (the person voluntarily took an experimental drug knowing, or should have known, the potential outcomes) and suicide is not covered by the insurance policy, so no death benefits. Again, this is from France, but it highlights one of those consequences no one even looked at. How will the US insurance companies play this gambit? If what is happening in French courts is the new yardstick, it would seem the final word on whether a vaccine is truly approved or not is spoken by the life insurance companies (after all, they are the ones who have to pay) and not Dr Fauci or the rest of “comic book world.”

  • March 20, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    And now, (non)PC Comics introduces the newest American superhero, Pureblood Clear-Thinking Man. He has a vast array of super powers, including natural immunity from human antibodies, the ability to see through walls of lies promulgated by progressives, the ability to find CRT lessons assigned to his children and have them expunged from the school curriculum, and a preternatural sense that ALL the reporting from both sides on the Ukraine/Russia disagreement is complete BS. Best of all, he (or she) is not a single individual, but rather a growing cadre of citizens who are not “woke”, but have woken up to the indoctrination and propaganda they are relentlessly bombarded with on a near-constant basis. With enough people joining this group, America’s light at the end of the tunnel may not actually be a train headed our way.

  • March 21, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    Lost track of how many times we’ve propped up some foreign “hero” with guns and money only to kill them after the bloom was off the rose years later but this time, we’re actively supporting a country that has some actual nazis in uniform because …“it’s the Russians “

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