He’s an Edsel

Yesterday, on the portion of The Five that was available on Fox’s website, I watched the segment where the panel discussed the Republican candidates’ polling numbers. Greg Gutfeld dismissed the high polling numbers of Donald Trump and Ben Carson by saying that it’s like buying a car. When you first start out looking for a new car, you always look at the fancy, expensive cars that you know you’re not going to buy. Then, you settle on something sensible like an F-150.

His point was clear. Voters are just sampling candidates that they clearly aren’t going to vote for — outsiders, ones with no political experience — but they will eventually settle down and become realistic and sensible and choose the right, more “electable” candidate. By which I assume he means an establishment-approved candidate like Jeb Bush.

Sorry, Greg. Jeb Bush isn’t an F-150.

He’s an Edsel. Worse. He’s a Pinto. A Yugo.

He’s a Lemon.

Buying Jeb would mean going to the same dealership that sold you those hunk of junk, gas-guzzling clunkers called the McCain and the Romney.

At some point, you stop buy crappy cars from the same crappy dealer.

Crazy Reince RNC Retreads

And, really? Which one is going to be too expensive and impractical for voters? A Trump, Carson or Cruz? Or a Bush or Kasich?

Ordinarily I love Gutfeld’s analogies. But this one was just, well, off the mark.

I don’t think Carson and Trump are numbers one and two because voters are unrealistic dreamers who want something impractical that they can’t afford. I don’t think Ted Cruz has established the most effective campaign infrastructure in the country because he’s some flashy, troublesome model.

I think the Establishment candidates are the ones we can no longer afford to waste our time and money on. We bought from this dealership before. And nobody is better at the old Bait & Switch than the GOP Establishment. We vote for one thing and always get another.

We’re not being idealistic dreamers. We’re just sick and tired of being played for suckers.

And that’s precisely why Jeb Bush is sinking in the polls. For all the hype, for all the PR, for all the airtime spent on commercials, he’s an Edsel.

And we won’t be fooled by the hard sell and some flashy ad campaign that portrays him as an F-150.

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2 thoughts on “He’s an Edsel

  • October 29, 2015 at 11:19 am

    These clowns think we are not intelligent enough to know who we want for President and think they can convince us that we want another Bush by shoving him down our throats.

  • October 29, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Hahahahahaha love the plaid jacket…

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