Hey, Chuck: I fixed your Twitter timeline picture

The other day I showed you the timeline picture from Chuck Schumer’s Twitter page.


honorable Senator

But like most Leftists, Chuck’s virtue-signaling has its limits.

When seven illegal alien DACA protesters entered Schumer’s office, Chuck had them arrested for “unlawful entry.”

I know!

How hilarious is that? Of all the things to be charged with, unlawful entry seems fitting.

So the lesson here is Chuck Schumer doesn’t mind you unlawfully entering our country. But you cannot unlawfully enter his office.

But the charge is fitting, don’t you think? After all, doesn’t that pretty much sum up these illegals?

Now you know how we feel, Chuck.

We the People don’t particularly like the fact that foreign nationals are unlawfully entering our country. And, like you, we simply want law enforcement to do their job, apprehend them, and get them out.

Of course the shame of it is one of the reasons these illegals unlawfully cross our borders is because idiots like you, Chuck, are letting them know you want them to stay.

But now that we know there are limits to how fervently Chuck stands with DREAMers, I thought I’d take it upon myself to redo that Twitter banner for him.

I hope he likes it.

Chuck Schumer update

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2 thoughts on “Hey, Chuck: I fixed your Twitter timeline picture

  • December 18, 2017 at 11:44 am

    After reading this, it’s apparent to me that Chuck Schumer is the American version of the traditional braggart figure in ancient Greek comedy — Alazōn. The character Eirōn (the root for our word “irony”) continually bests Alazōn, who always sees himself greater than he really is. Hoisted by his own petard…Irony, Chuckie Boy, Irony!

  • December 19, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Another clear case of a liberal showing his hypocrisy. Obama was good at this to. Notice he has a nice wall around his house too. When you understand that liberalism is a mental disorder, it makes sense when people like Schumer spout off.

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