The high suicide rate among those who tangle with the Clintons

suicide rate

And you thought the suicide rate among people with gender identity disorder was high.

But that’s nothing compared to the suicide rate among those who go after the Clintons.

The number of people connected to the Clintons who have ended up committing suicide is staggering.

And it isn’t just Vince Foster.

Just scroll through the Clinton Death List if you don’t believe me.

The number of suicides will astound you. Ed Willey, Gandy Baugh, James Bunch, Bill Shelton, Kathy Ferguson, Charles Miller, Victor Thorn, and Susan Coleman also died of “apparent suicides.”

And the Susan Coleman suicide is truly bizarre considering she was shot in the back of the head.

But now we can add two other people to the list.

Most recently, there is Klaus Eberwein – a Haitian looking into the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Fund scam. He was found dead in Miami Tuesday from an apparent suicide:

And then there’s Peter W. Smith who had been trying to discover the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Smith committed suicide in Rochester, Minnesota on May 14, 2017.

Now, he did leave a suicide note.

And honestly? It’s bizarre as hell.

Among other things, the Chicago Tribune reports his suicide note included this:


Who makes a point of issuing a disclaimer about foul play in a suicide note?

Anybody else find that, well, peculiar?

Among those who get on the wrong side of the Clintons, the only cause of death more common than suicide is “apparent robbery in which nothing was stolen.”

Nothing shortens a lifespan quite like tangling with the Clinton Family.

No wonder James Comey folded like a cheap suit. The thought of ending up with a bullet in his head from “an apparent suicide” must have made him super queasy.

If I were the guy suing Chelsea for stealing his book idea, I’d hire security and go into hiding.

Because if he doesn’t, the next thing he writes will quite possibly be a cryptic suicide note absolving Chelsea of any involvement.

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  • July 15, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Jihadists are put to shame by the Clinton Machine. There’s been a fatwa against Rushdie for nearly 30 years without result. But cross the Clintons, especially HRC, and you can tell your friends not to expect Christmas cards from you.

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