The Hillary-Bot needs a longer lasting battery

longer-lasting battery-01

Team Clinton needs to spend some of those millions of dollars George Soros has funneled into Hillary’s campaign coffers to develop a longer lasting battery for the Hillary-Bot.

It’s Thursday, August 18, 2016. The Presidential election is 82 days away. And the Cyborg Candidate is taking the next few days off.

They either need to install a longer lasting battery or Hillary needs some pointers from that mysterious female “friend” of Bill’s known as “the Energizer.”

Today the Gateway Pundit provided an itemized list of campaign events held during the month of August thus far. Trump has done 22 events in the first 17 days of the month. Hillary has done eleven.

You only need to look at how many stories the Enslaved Press has been running about what Hillary does to keep herself fit and energized to know that Hillary Clinton is neither fit nor energized.

In one particularly sycophantic interview on a podcast released last week, the suck-up interviewer asked Hillary:

How do you keep that stamina up? Like, how do you just keep going?

Poor guy. If he took his head out of Hillary’s ass for ten minutes he would realize that the Hillary-bot like has no stamina and she doesn’t like just keep going.

Eleven campaign events in 17 days? Seems to me, every few days, the Hillary-Bot emits a whirring noise and shuts down.

If Hillary had this mythical “stamina” this interviewer assumes she has, she wouldn’t be needing so much down-time.

It was Hillary’s answer that all but confirms to me that she is on the defensive about her part-time campaigning and her lack of endurance.

I, knock on wood, am pretty lucky because I have a lot of stamina and endurance … um … which is necessary in the kind of campaign that I’m engaged in. Uh … but I also … I try to eat right, not always succeeding, but try, try to get enough sleep, try to get exercise. Now I’m not going to pretend that I like it, because I don’t, but between yoga and walking … uh … getting on the treadmill, some weights. I try to keep up and just get the, you know, the energy … uh … reservoir filled up again.



The mental picture of Hillary doing downward dog has been giving me an oogie feeling in my stomach ever since she first mentioned her emails about yoga routines.

I don’t know which is more implausible. Hillary actually walking for exercise when she can’t even navigate a set of steps.

Longer-lasting battery

Or Hillary on the treadmill.

The only way Hillary Clinton got on a treadmill is if the cardiologist put her there as part of a stress test.

Lifting weights?

She can’t even lift her own sorry carcass.

No. Like everything Hillary says, all of this is a lie.

The woman is running out of juice. The Low Battery light is blinking.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that the few campaign events she’s held, she is so desperate for crowds, she makes the high school kids whose gymnasiums she invades stick around, hold signs and take up space.

At this rate, it is only a matter of time before Team Clinton is calling central casting looking to hire background actors.

I’ve said it before. Never underestimate the importance of voter enthusiasm.

Trump is generating a lot of it.

Hillary, on the other hand, is generating about as much enthusiasm as a bed-bug infestation.

The lack of enthusiasm is so bad, Hillary’s own campaign for President can’t even excite and energize her.

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