Does Hillary even know what “Incentive” means?

I mentioned on Sunday that if you really want to get disgusted, reading Hillary’s Twitter feed will do it. This morning, I wandered over there against my better judgement and discovered that Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Yale educated attorney, does not seem to know what the word “Incentive” means.

Check out this tweet.

We’ve got to stop giving companies incentives to move jobs overseas?


Sweet merciful Zeus.

Companies are moving overseas, not because “we” are “giving them incentives” to do so. They are moving overseas because “we” are creating a deterrent to their staying.

Deterrent, Hillary, is the opposite of incentive. It’s what we on Planet Earth call the “antonym” to incentive.

If “we” want to stop companies from relocating overseas, we need to remove the things that deter them from being able to afford stay in the United States.

Why does this idiot not understand that?! Does she really think that Carrier is moving to Mexico because they prefer the food?! Does she think that the Government is incentivizing Carrier to move to Mexico?

No! The Government has put in place so many deterrents to building air conditioning units in the United States, that the only way Carrier can continue to afford to build them is to get the hell out of the country. It’s called EPA Regulations, genius! Regulations are not an “incentive,” they are a “deterrent.”

Oy, the work.

Let’s use an analogy, shall we?

Let’s say the Free Market is like a room in a building and the companies that make up the Free Market are a bunch of people within that room.

The Federal Government’s regulations, taxes, price controls, wage controls are like a hose pumping carbon monoxide into that room.

Naturally, when the people in the room realize they are having trouble breathing because they’re slowly being poisoned, they desperately scramble to find a way out. They head for the doors, open the windows, and they get the hell out of there before they suffocate.

Now, Hillary comes along and says, “Why are all these people leaving that room?! Those doors and windows are incentives and we need to get rid of those incentives so they can’t escape!”

So she decides to add a few more deterrents. She installs reinforced steel doors with double locks and covers every window with plywood.

Guess what happens?

Sure, she’s succeeded in keeping all those people in that room, but she also prevented them from being able to breathe.

Good on you, Hillary! You deterred them from moving overseas, but you also managed to kill them.

What never enters Hillary’s miniscule brain is perhaps what she should do is remove the hose pumping carbon monoxide into the room then vent all the poison out so that the people inside can breathe freely.

The Federal Government, through regulations and taxes, is suffocating the Free Market, you guys.

Those aren’t incentives. Those are deterrents.

Companies don’t just decide on a whim to leave the US. They are forced into that decision by an intrusive, meddlesome and crippling Federal Government. If the Government stopped pumping poison into our Free Market, those companies wouldn’t need to leave in order to stay alive.

What’s even nuttier is Hillary believes the carbon monoxide is an “incentive.” How freaking insane is that?!

Now, here’s the part that really infuriates me.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is no better. Just like Hillary, he wants to punish those people trying to flee the carbon monoxide by trapping them inside. Just like Hillary, he doesn’t seem to comprehend that what is making these companies want to flee is the Federal Government poisoning our Free Market.

It really frosts me that this November, we have two economic illiterates running on the promise to further deter our Free Market. No matter who wins, rest assured all those deterrents will remain in place.

What neither of them seem to comprehend is sealing companies in to be suffocated by Government regulations will only end up killing more American jobs.

Natural Born Job-Killers

Now you understand why I have very little incentive to vote for either of these idiots in November?

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4 thoughts on “Does Hillary even know what “Incentive” means?

  • May 17, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    In Marxism incentive is government pointing a gun at your head.

  • May 17, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    So, Hillary is giving Bill incentive to cheat?

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