Hillary hates us


You know, I thought Barack Obama was bad. In my lifetime I cannot remember a president who didn’t think much of the people he was supposed to lead.

Until Obama came along.

That guy really doesn’t like us.

Most presidents grasped the idea that “politics ends at the water’s edge.” You don’t attack and vilify your own people to foreign audiences or to the despotic freak-show at the UN.

Obama did both. And he did both all the friggin’ time.

Enter Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Let’s not mince words. Barack Obama doesn’t particularly like us, but Hillary hates us.

With Obama, his attack of Americans came from a place of “otherness.” Barack Obama never considered himself one of us. He was more evolved because he saw himself as a “citizen of the world.” For him, Americans who embrace national identity and patriotism are backwards and primitive. He, however, is more advanced and enlightened.

For Hillary Clinton, however, that disgust for Americans has more to do with her own arrogance and sense of entitlement.

She doesn’t see herself as a “citizen of the world” as Obama did.

Rather, she sees herself as Planet Hillary and we’re just the meaningless, inconsequential space junk caught in her orbit.

Hillary simply does not have time for any Americans. Old, young, men, women. She mocks all of us because she really does believe she’s better and more important than we are.

That’s why she can publicly laugh about putting coal miners out of work. She doesn’t give a damn about your jobs, your lives, your families. Nothing.

Consider her incredulous “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead, you might ask!”

Nobody is asking that.

[Though I bet there are tens of millions of us asking, “Why aren’t you fifty point behind?!”]

Hillary is condescending and dismissive because she thinks she’s better than us. Better, smarter, wiser, more important.

Frankly, she thinks we’re all pretty stupid.

She thinks blacks are so stupid, all she has to do is make some pandering head-fake like saying she carries hot sauce, and those dummies will fall all over themselves to vote for her.

That recently leaked audio is just one more example of what Hillary Clinton really thinks of the people whose votes she needs to win.

She expects you to vote for her, but she really thinks you’re pathetic losers.

For Hillary Clinton, having to try and earn your votes is insulting.

It galls her to no end that she has to campaign for the votes of people she hates.

Hillary went into this election believing she was owed your vote.

She lives on Planet Hillary. Where hiding her official emails from the public view is a no-brainer because we lesser beings have no right to know what she’s doing behind closed doors.

We knuckle-dragging dummies have some nerve expecting her to answer to us.

For Hillary Clinton, public service is not at all about her being of “service” to us. Rather, she expects us to serve up the White House to her.

She really does believe she is our better.

That’s why she thinks it is her duty to lecture all white people about blacks. We must be told how to act and what to think by Hillary because she is our moral better.

And as our moral better, she has every right to determine who is and is not “redeemable.”

She can pass judgment on anyone she likes because she is more valuable and important than we are.

Let’s be honest. Hillary hates every single one of us.

She calls Americans “deplorables,” “racists,” “misogynists,” “Islamophobes,” “homophobes,” “basement-dwellers,” and “baristas.”

Women who do not toe the line are “bimbos” who need to be silenced.

This is not a woman who seeks the office of President because she wants to serve the people.

She is seeking the office of President because she wants it and we owe it to her.

We owe her. But we’re just too stupid and backwards to know it. And that’s making her all manner of angry.

The truth is, even if Hillary Clinton were as healthy as a horse, I think she would still be campaigning infrequently.

She doesn’t believe she should have to win our votes.

Her stunned disbelief over not being fifty points ahead has nothing to do with whom she is running against. Hillary is stunned that she isn’t fifty points ahead because she really does believe we owe it to her to elect her.

Earning our support has never once entered her mind.

You don’t try and earn something that you believe you are owed.

I just read a piece by Ed Klein over at Breitbart that previews his upcoming book Guilty as Sin which comes out tomorrow.

In his Breitbart piece, Klein describes Hillary’s history of volatile temper flares and outbursts. He concludes with this:

Fast forward to the 2016 presidential campaign, and Hillary is still at it—still blowing up at the least provocation.
“She has had screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work,” one of her campaign workers told me. “People have walked out from her Brooklyn campaign office and while they were on the campaign trail with her. At one point recently, she was berating a low-level campaign worker for making a scheduling mistake. The girl had the nerve to walk away from her, so Hillary grabbed her arm and twisted it.”
Sometimes, when she gets worked up, Hillary grabs a handful of her hair and in an odd mannerism that her friends describe, she yanks at the hair so hard that it looks as though she is trying to pull it out.

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton is having a collective meltdown over this election.

It infuriates her that she has to try and earn the votes of the American people – we deplorable, basement-dwelling losers whom she despises.

Obama may dislike us just as much, but at least when he was running for President he pretended he didn’t.

Hillary hates us so deeply that in her own entitled arrogance, she doesn’t think she needs to even pretend to like us.

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3 thoughts on “Hillary hates us

  • October 3, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    so hitlery doesn’t know how to handle classified material or that means “c” means “classified”…but everyone else is stupid. got it. as far as the hatred…the feeling is mutual. i’m hoping one of those famous temper tantrums will knock her out of the race for good.

  • October 3, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I once had to work very closely with a megalomaniacal narcissist with whom our group had been thrown together. Holy shit did this guy make sure he berated all of us numerously and maintained his uppity elitism for years. We came to believe that “kharma” wasn’t a real thing, since he lived very well in his haughty world, never having to pay a price for his evil. This went on for 2 decades. He was so slick that he could always weasel out of any situation that seemed to point a light at his involvement. He literally talked out of both sides of his mouth, playing co-workers against each other until the truth would finally straighten things out. We would all meet after work and vigorously plot his demise.
    I say all of this because he FINALLY got his day, and in more ways than one. It was a delicious paper trail that COMPLETELY implicated only him. Turns out, he was using company phone accounts to charge long distance calls to girlfriends and affairs he had stashed around the country. Bills up into 5-figures.
    He was married to a fairly nice women (with our sympathy) and had 3 kids. This information leaked out to the powers that be. (Can’t for the life of me figure out how.)
    He was unceremoniously fired, wherein he went on a rampage to disparage every person in the company as well as disclosing private company policies. Not a good move.
    For that evil retaliation, his wife was informed with proof of his dalliances and astronomical phone bills originating from his home while she was away working at her childrens’ school during the day. Some calls over 3 hours long. Just a real scumbag.
    She slammed him with a divorce so huge, if made his head swim. He lost most everything and THEN developed, are you ready? Parkinson’s Disease! We all figured his evil caused it.
    Kharma does exist and we’re all ready for Hillary’s to be coming soon.
    Whether it is losing this election or suffering a slow death, she will get hers.
    Believe it. There will come a day. Hopefully it’s tomorrow.

  • October 6, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    Agreed! All that hatred and evil cannot be sustained in a person without causing mental and physical decay. Someone please light the fuse.

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