Did Hillary watch Trump’s victory speech?

I wonder if Team Clinton got Hillary to watch Donald Trump’s victory speech.

Boy, to be a fly on the wall for that!

Left to her own devices, I’m guessing Hillary wouldn’t watch it for all the money in Saudi Arabia.

Okay, no. For all the money in Saudi Arabia, she would have watched it a dozen times on a fifty inch plasma screen.

In surround sound.

Let me rephrase.

I’m guessing Hillary wouldn’t watch Trump’s victory speech even if they gave her three Diazepam pen injections first.

In fact, I think the only way Hillary could watch Trump’s speech is if they gave her no choice.


Come to think of it, I bet that’s the only way she’ll make it through his inauguration speech too.

According to author Ed Klein who has written a few Clinton exposés in his time, Hillary spent the entire night sobbing uncontrollably.

He said on Newsmax TV Wednesday that a close friend of Hillary’s tried to speak to her over the phone very early Wednesday morning, but couldn’t even understand what she was saying.

She was crying too hard.

I don’t know how Klein managed to finagle that kind of inside info.

The Clintons are unbelievably paranoid about “leaks.” Just reading through the WikiLeaks Podesta Emails, you can see that “blabbing” and “yapping” aren’t tolerated.

Whoever told Klein this juicy tidbit had better enter the Witness Protection Program for his or her own safety.

The truth is, I have no doubt Hillary was inconsolable. But not only inconsolable.

I bet she’s still on a rage-fueled tear that is putting the fear of God in all those around her.

You only have to take a look at a weeping Huma Abedin arriving at the Clinton campaign headquarters yesterday to know the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua is not handling her loss with dignity.

And everyone around her is paying the price.


Image from the UK Daily Mail

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One thought on “Did Hillary watch Trump’s victory speech?

  • November 12, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    I think they’re probably stricken with fear that a Donald Trump DOJ is going to investigate and prosecute the entire lot of them. And for our country’s sake, I hope he goes through with it. That will send a message that gov’t corruption will not be tolerated and that he’s damn serious about restoring law and order to this country. And I hope he goes after that evil bastard Soros as well…including his son.

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