Hillary’s LGBT Fixation

You know, if aliens landed on earth and found Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed, they would probably think that 98% of the Earth’s population was LGBT.

What is it with Hillary’s LGBT fixation?

She’s obsessed.

They are us?

Is Hillary transgendered?

That would explain a lot.

Remember when crazy people were treated like crazy people? Now they’re pandered to by someone running for President.

If transgender people were really loved by Hillary Clinton, she wouldn’t be feeding into their delusion, but seeking to get them the help they need.

Frankly, how is mutilating your body to appear to be a gender you are not any different from a woman pouring drain cleaner into her eyes so that she can be blind?

Apparently it grates Hillary’s cheese that some states don’t permit transgenders to adopt children.

You know, for somebody who wants to prevent people with psychological problems from being able to purchase a gun, I find it rather surprising that Hillary would want to entrust a child in the hands of someone with psychological problems.

The truth is, Hillary Clinton is probably kind of skeeved out by gays and transgenders.

In fact, just a couple weeks ago a story reported that in the lead-up to the 2000 Senate race, Bill Clinton was concerned over Hillary’s discomfort with gays and how it would negatively impact her campaign for Senator of New York.

But as the Democrat Party moves further and further to the Left, Hillary either has to move along with them, or give up her aspirations for the Democrat nomination.

And there is no way in hell Hillary will give up on her presidential aspirations. She will say anything, do anything, advance any Leftist cause if she thinks it will put her on track to gain the nomination. Every policy position she takes has been carefully selected to ensure the most support for her campaign.

Trust me. If Hillary’s poll numbers began to tank because blacks, Latinos and white southern Democrats objected to her LGBT fixation, she would jettison the gays faster than you could say, “Poll-tested.”

But right now, the Hillary camp is hoping to gain the support among the same demographics that pushed Obama into the White House — young people, college students and minorities. So as squeamish as she may be about the gays, Hillary’s going to ride them to victory like a dominatrix rides a leather-clad biker in a gay pride parade.

Hillarys LGBT fixation

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One thought on “Hillary’s LGBT Fixation

  • October 5, 2015 at 9:40 am

    hey dianny,

    we need post from you on how it is ok to now disparage blacks and homosexuals.

    IE. we’ve been told for a generation that it’s ok to disparage christians and nra members etc because they choose to be that way. And it’s not ok to disparage blacks and homosexuals because they were born that way.

    But now that bruce jenner can be a woman and rachel dolezal can be a black and that sean king dude can be a black, their old theory is out the window.

    anyone can now choose to be whatever they want to be so it is open season now to disparage negroes and homos.

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