Hillary’s Pro-Rape Campaign

You know for a lady who pretends to be the Sir Lancelot of the sexually assaulted, Hillary Clinton certainly is running a pro-rape campaign.

Truth is when your two secret weapons to drum up support are both themselves abusers, it’s hardly a surprised.

In addition to relying on hubby Bubba to make up for the likeability gap she has among voters, the Hillary Campaign believes they will generate excitement for the drab old granny among “young people,” by leaning heavily on the inexplicable television “star” Lena Dunham.
Hillarys Pro-Rape Campaign

Dunham, in addition to falsely accusing a man of raping her when she was a student at the gigantic safe space known as Oberlin College, also admitted in her memoir to molesting her younger sister.

[As an aside: What is it with people who really have accomplished nothing in their miserable lives feeling the need to write a memoir? Obama, an unknown, unaccomplished caramel-colored nobody wrote one. And now a chubby fake rape accuser and pedophile whose only claim to fame is subjecting innocent Americans who never did a thing to deserve that kind of treatment to the sight of her flabby, naked body.]

Any old how.

You’d think Hillary wouldn’t surround herself with people who seem to think that forcing someone else to participate in a sex act is a perfectly reasonable past time like collecting stamps or working on classic cars.

Especially given her desire to paint herself as a “Champion of Women.”

At this rate, don’t be surprised if Hillary decides to use Muslim refugee men to act as security for her campaign events from here on out. You know, come for the stump speech, stay for the groping.

Perhaps this is in part why in the most recent Fox News Poll, 38% of Democrat voters wish they had somebody else to vote for — including 39% of Democrat women. That is a 14% increase since April 2015.

The Democrat National Committee really screwed the pooch this year. Despite all evidence that Hillary Clinton would be a terrible candidate on which to hang all their hopes and aspirations for continuing Obama’s miserable agenda, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the other assorted fishwives of the DNC insisted on dragging Hillary over the finish line.

The obsession to run a woman in order to properly shield their candidate from any hard-hitting attacks has left them with a candidate so awful that she has to rely on sexual abusers to campaign for her while she portrays herself as a champion for women.

Hillary and the harridans who are propping her up are really hoping women voters are too stupid or too narrow-minded to notice that their “Champion” has a pathetic track record when it comes to her treatment of women. They really do believe female voters think of nothing but free contraceptives, “family leave,” and abortion on demand.

But if 39% of Democrat women wish they had someone else to vote for this year, I’m guessing the Gorgons of the DNC have completely misjudged how stupid and shallow Democrat women are. That isn’t to say that some of them aren’t stupid and shallow. After all, Lena Dunham would be the nobody she really deserves to be were it not for stupid and shallow people who have glommed on to her alleged “celebrity.” But clearly nearly 40% of Democrat women would prefer not to seem as stupid and shallow as one would need to be to support Granny Clinton.

Also from the Fox News Poll comes the bad news that in a head-to-head match-up, Hillary gets her ass handed to her by both Ted Cruz (by 7%) and Marco Rubio (by 9%), and is neck-and-neck with Trump (who beats her by 3% — but with the MOA of 3%, it’s pretty much a wash). The closest she comes to victory is against Jeb! Bush (with whom she is tied 44% to 44%).

But, thanks in large part to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Democrat voters are pretty much stuck with her whether they like it or not.

Unless they decide to cast their votes for Bernie Sanders as a way to protest the DNC’s rigging the game for Hillary, she will be the 2016 Democrat nominee.

Unless of course she gets indicted (which is a possibility).

No wonder the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats is so enormous.

Given the current climate, Hillary’s decision to rely so heavily on hubby Bill and Lena Dunham not only makes her look desperate and grasping, but it also shines a bright spotlight on the fact that Hillary Clinton would be completely dead in the water if she wasn’t being propped up by the DNC, or if she had to campaign on her own nonexistent “merits.”

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One thought on “Hillary’s Pro-Rape Campaign

  • January 10, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Can anyone imagine letting thier daughters or sons come anywhere near such a vile creature. Especially knowing anything about her “accomplishments,” er, ahh, charactor? Not to mention the other scary evil slithery things that surround this minnion.

    Can you imagine the rigors of duty indured by the USSS team that accompanied the pResidents daughter while she was exposed to this filth? There trully are jobs/positions with duties/responsibilities that automatically demand utter respect for the intestinal fortitude and professionalism of those in that profession. I would not let my kids anywhere near someone like Dunham no matter how much they pouted, pissed, and moaned. It would not happen!

    To hear that Hitlery and Dunham are in cahoots is not surprising. They are birds of a feather.

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